Moving from old phone I got through Republic, to a newer phone I bought elsewhere. Do I need a SIM card kit?



I purchased a MotoE 1st gen quite awhile back. I don’t see where the SIM card is on it… I’m not sure it’s accessible.

I’d like to purchase a newer MotoX phone I found online (I verified it’s compatible via the “bring your own phone” page), but I’m wondering if I need to purchase the $5 SIM card kit, or can I somehow just move the SIM card from the MotoE to the MotoX?



Yes, you do need a new SIM card kit which can be bought from RW…or if you are a prime member you can save on shipping by ordering it from Amazon.

But, first check your coverage here

to make sure BYOP is supported in your area.
The BYOP SIM card works on RW’s GSM partner…so your coverage will be different from what you are used to on your existing Moto E.

Be sure that the Moto X Pure you are buying from third party is a factory unlocked North American version of the phone with model number (XT1575).

Also, you will need to pick a new plan for your phone

Your existing plan from your Moto E will not work on your new phone.


Thanks for the assistance @amitl. That’s what I figured.

I appreciate the advice about Amazon too… I do have prime so it’ll be nice to save a few extra dollars.


You’re welcome!


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