Moving from one phone to another same model phone, G5+

I have 3 Motorola G5+ phones. One is having very slow loading even after resets, etc. Can I take the sim card out and put it another same model phone I have and have them work with essentially just a hardware swap? One of my phones doesn’t get much data use, just phone calls and it works fine. It is the phone I would swap with the problem phone.

Hi @johnw.9phsw6,

Moving SIMs may or may not be possible. Some SIMs move from phone to phone, others do not. Please try the following on the specific Moto G5 Plus whose SIM you wish to move:

Please tell us if you see GSM or CDMA as the SIM type? Actually, it would be useful to know what the SIM type in each of your Moto G5 Plusses is? Are all three currently active?

All phones are active and all use the same sim card type but I cannot tel you what type that is. It is not displayed anywhere in phone settings or RW settings that I can find.

I did do a RW diagnostic test and the problem phone came back as no ADR setting found. It asked me to reboot the phone and it seems better now. Maybe that was the problem but do you know what ADR is and is it set on every boot up? I ask because we’ve rebooted this phone numerous times to no effect before.

My phones are all GSM.

Hi @johnw.9phsw6
You should be able to move the SIM.

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