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The wife and I have both been on republic. She cried for her iPhone back so she is leaving. I have a Moto E4 which is on its last legs, she has a Moto G6 that is in much better shape. Can I just move my sim card and data card (not used as internal storage, just as removable) to her phone and go? I can try to follow the instructions at: How do I move my republic number from one RW phone to another RW phone - Questions & Answers - Member Community … but want to be sure it will work. I guess we also need to get wife’s account (which is month to month) deactivated.

Hi @michaelc.kq5nc0,

The MicroSD card, yes. The SIM, maybe. Details here: Moving a Current Republic SIM When Upgrading to a New Compatible Phone - Tips & Tricks - Member Community.

Since your wife not you was the previous user of the Moto G6, a factory reset prior to setting it up for you would be best practice.

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First of all, thanks much for the quick reply. Second, turns out the GSM provider had no coverage in Angier, NC (where I spend some time) … so I am CDMA. I currently live in Benson, NC and my wife’s republic phone (which I presume is GSM as she never changed it) works fine in Benson … so I assume the dead zone is just Angier (and maybe the GSM coverage in Angier has improved in the last few years). Anyway, yes, as I am now CDMA … not sure if moving the SIM is as … SIMple.


Hi @michaelc.kq5nc0,

No, it won’t be as simple as moving the SIM. Active CDMA SIMs, unlike their GSM cousins, do not move from old to new phone. Based on what I’m seeing of the coverage maps, GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage looks decent in Benson itself, however, the surrounding area doesn’t look great.

On balance, CDMA would be the superior choice. If as it sounds like she hasn’t yet left, let’s find out which SIM she has in the Moto G6. Here’s the how to:

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Thanks again for the amazing response. She is CDMA.

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Since she has a CDMA SIM card, and that seems to be what you want for the area, then, if i"ve followed along correctly, what you’d want to do to accomplish the goal of moving into her phone would be to have the account owner for her phone request that her service be canceled. Once that’s done and she has all her personal content off of her phone, you factory reset it, then activate it in the Republic app to replace your phone. It will acquire your phone number that way.

You’ll sign in with your Google account to sync most of your content and apps. Moving the SD card will accomplish only moving personal content like music and photos.

If she wants to keep the phone number she’s using on Republic and move it to her iPhone, she’ll need to transfer the number to her new carrier. Please don’t request cancellation if that’s the case.

Thanks for response. She is working with republic and her new provider to xfer the number. I presume account will cancel at that point. So at that point, I presume I could factory reset her phone, then go into the app and figure out how to request that my info be moved to that phone? Thanks again.

Yes. once her phone has completed the transfer process and is canceled, you’ll just open the Republic app and activate it, signing in with your Republic Wireless account credentials. You’ll be offered the option to activate as a new line or move your number to the phone. It’s really very easy as long as you get logged into your Republic Account. You won’t even need a new SIM card, you can just re-use hers.

Seems to have gone well, except a problem sending and receiving calls which I will open up a new issue about. Thanks so much

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