Moving from Z2 Play to Z3 Play - What is the process?

I’m a current RW customer using a Z2 Play with Republic GSM SIM card. I just purchased a Z3 Play via the Motorola store to replace the Z2 Play. I want to use my current Z2 Play phone number on the new Z3 Play.

What is the easiest process to move to the new Z3 Play? Do I just move the SIM card from the Z2 Play to the Z3 Play? If so, what is the process from that point?


Hi @jriems - Assume the Z3 Play you purchased is fully RW compatible – Moto Z3 Play Tech Specs – Republic Help

See if these articles help –

Tips & Tricks article –

And this article on activating phone - How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card – Republic Help

There are links in the article that you can follow according to your situation.

This will help get you started. Please come back if you have questions :smiley:


Thank you both for the information and links. I’d like to put a step-by-step together on what to prioritize during the new phone setup. Does this look correct?

  1. Charge new phone
  2. Power up new phone without RW SIM, connect to WiFi, run Android OS updates until up-to-date
  3. Power off, transfer RW SIM from old phone, power on and install RW app
  4. Walk through setup in RW app for phone number transfer
  5. Download all apps/settings, contacts, etc. from Google sync backup

@jriems - that’s a pretty good summary of what we did with our Moto G6’s.

You might want to consider using SMS Backup & Restore (a simple Android app) to back up and restore your phone’s text messages and call logs to new phone if that’s a concern.

I’m sure others will weigh in if anything has been overlooked.


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