Moving GSM SIM to new phone - steps?

I ended up buying the Moto G Power (2021) from amazon and want to make sure I don’t screw up when I transfer sim & phone number from my Moto X4 to my new phone.
Is there help pages with instructions to easily transfer phones? Thank You

Hi @lweetz, :slight_smile:

Please let us know if this helps you:

The process of moving the SIM from one active phone to another is actually a bit different than the steps shown in the link provided. You generally won’t have to sign in to your account.

The basic steps are: 1) Move GSM SIM to new phone
2) Install and Open the Republic App
3) Follow any instructions on screen, if any. Often the only thing you’ll need to do is open the app and the SIM will be recognized and good to go.

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Hi @lweetz,

Republic has documentation for this scenario as well:

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Do I put the sim card in before the initial setup of the phone? Then download the RW app?

It does not matter when you install the SIM card.

As far as installing the Republic app, you’ll want to do all Android updates that are available to the phone and allow some time for all your apps to update, simply because phone may be a little sluggish while all of that is going on.

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I don’t see the phone I purchased on the list from the above link, but you sell it on RW. The model number is XT-2117-4, Moto G Power 2021… It is compatible, correct?

Hi @lweetz,

I’m not clear from what you wrote which list in an above link you’re looking at, but the XT2117-4 is the supported version of the Moto G Power 2021.

Are you have trouble activating it?

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