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Hello. I have a Moto X 2nd gen. I would like to load music to my phone from my pc. I have been successful syncing my phone with a playlist on WMP. However, the music is buried deep in the internal storage and I can access it, but the actual songs (audio files) won’t play.

Maybe I need to sync to a different location? I have messed around a little bit with Google Play but feel like that is not the solution to my problem.

If I access the music from my google drive using my phone, could I download it to a place/folder where it will play?

One last thing. I tried the app ES File Manager. Couldn’t figure out how to use it and could not locate an “owners manual”.

Thanks for reading.



Hi Kelley (@joker_1)

Moving your music depends on a few factors.

Do you know in what format your music is in? Is it something like mp3 or some other format from itunes?

Where are you putting your music? If you are looking on the phone while connected to the computer, a simple place is the Music folder which should be located right in the top directory. (However the phone should be scanning folders as well)

What are you trying to play music from on your phone? Is it Winamp as well or some other music player? Once it is on your phone, even the built in Google Play Music app should be able to scan and play the files.

ES File Manager or other file manager apps is good to organize the files but not really too helpful for moving files between the computer and phone.


ES File Explorer is no longer a decent product. It is now a delivery method for ads. Ads on your dialer. Ads on your lockscreen, ads when your phone goes to sleep, ads when you phone wakes up. Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads. I recommend steering clear of ES File Explorer with all your might.

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I have had this same issue, and, in a way, still do @joker_1

I have found that learning to use a file converter is helpful, but not necessarily a fix-all.

VLC player plays most files compared to other players I have experienced. Tech is cracking down big-time in “sharing” from my point of view.


Hey, thanks for reaching out.

The files are WMA. I can only find a music folder deep in internal storage area. I don’t have anything particular to play the music with. Do I need an app or something? Would Google Play Music work better if I subscribe?

I think my phone is smarter than I am.:smirk:

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Hi. I have used a file converter on my pc before. Will VLC play windows media files or is a conversion necessary?


I use this app and the companion Airsync app. One part goes on your PC, the player goes on the phone. Music files transferred to the phone are automatically converted to the proper format.

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Thank you. I will definitely try the combo.

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I installed the VLC app and it works like a charm. Thank you! Now all I have to do is figure out how to upload my playlist to my watch!!


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Your welcome!. No one should be deprived of their music.

Geez, “move it to my phone from my PC, from my Phone to my watch, from my Watch to my guitar”…SMH.


I think it is the WMA file format. By itself, the phone is not able to play these files but VLC is one of the can play almost anything players which is why it is working.

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