Moving my phone number from an existing Republic phone to a new one



I just purchased a Moto G4 and I want to transfer the number from my old Moto X (first gen). The new phone has not arrived yet but I can’t wait until it does. What do I need to do to transfer the number?




Hi @matth.nj4wlr,

Upon receipt of the G4, you’ll start the activation process. Republic offers a great walkthrough here: Activate | Republic Wireless. You will be prompted to sign into the appropriate Republic account. To upgrade an existing line to a new phone, select “replace existing line”. You should see the phone number you want to replace listed at this step. Continue through the activation process, then you’re all set! Detailed activation guidance here: Activate My Phone.


Just to add to @rolandh’s excellent reply, and in case you were not aware, you can back up most of the data on the X1 to Google and have it repopulate on the new phone if so desired…(Moto Migrate no longer works).

Settings>Accounts>Google>, and select what you want to have Google backup. You will need a third party app if you want to save your text messages though, assuming you do not already have a method to back them up.


Hi @matth.nj4wlr ,

The new phone has not arrived yet but I can’t wait until it does.

Is there a specific reason you can’t wait until the new phone arrives to transfer the number? While we can’t move the number to the new phone before you activate the new phone, if we understand the situation is something more pressing than new-toy-exuberance, we may be able to help.


Do the Specific phone transferring from/to effect saving and transferring desired data ?

Moto 1st G to Moto X+ in transit.