Moving MyChoice to new 5.0 plans now

If I’m understanding the guidance, I can sign up for one 1GB 5.0 account today for 2 phones that are now on the annual 1GB MyChoice plans. Nothing will happen until I receive the new SIM cards, insert them and initialize the phones. Thus, no new billing, no new email addresses, no new phone numbers, etc. Everything stays as it is now on those 2 phones (Galaxy S7), until I insert the SIMs. New billing won’t start until then. Right?

Hi @mistermike,

You’ll pay for the two new plans at purchase. The new process is one buys plan(s) and the SIMs come with the purchased plan(s) attached. You have 45 days from purchase to activate the new SIMs.

There would be no impact to your current account or service until you choose to activate the new SIMs. If you can wait a couple of weeks, it’s expected to be possible to use one’s current account to purchase new plans. The current not exactly elegant process is temporary.