Moving old number to new phone


I just got a new motog 4 phone. I tried to set it up with the app using blue tooth, but it said there was an error. Three tries, same error message. I skipped that and moved on using my gmail account. Now all my apps are on the new phone but the new phone does not ring. How do I get the old number on the new phone? And all the messages and saved phone numbers?


Good evening @kimh.jo47pw!

If I understand your question correctly, you want to move the phone number of your old phone to the new G4, correct? If so, was your phone purchased from Republic Wireless? If not, have you bought a Republic SIM and installed it? If your answer to either of those questions is “yes,” than have you activated your new phone as a replacement? To activate your phone for a BYOD device, you will need to first download the Republic app (if you bought from the Republic store, the app should already be on your phone). After that is complete, you will need to follow the prompts until you come to the “Type of Activation” window. In order for you to get your phone number switched over, you will need to choose the "Activate as (xxx) xx-xxxx [the phone number of the device you want the G4 to replace]. That should get your phone to ring. For further reading about activating a replacement line, see here. Let me know if that works!



Sounds like you have it up and running on your network. What does the cell signal strength meter up on the top of the screen look like? You may not have any GSM-partner towers in your area or they could be too far away or blocked.

If you meant you tried to run the Republic Wireless setup app then you must do that over Wi-Fi, preferably with Bluetooth turned off just to keep the shared antenna reserved for Wi-Fi. If you meant you tried it over Wi-Fi then the cell signal strength is important since you need good native coverage. And since you have all your apps now you should definitely have Bluetooth off for this.