Moving old phone to new service

I want to get a new phone to replace my current Moto G1. I would then like to give the old Moto G1 to another person who would setup with a different (new) Republic account and have a number transferred to that phone. Is that doable? Can someone setup a new Republic account with an old Republic phone I give them? (Meaning, they do not buy a new phone, just new service)


Yes, it is completely doable.

Once you’ve activated your new phone as a replacement, your old phone will be inactive. At that point you should remove your screen lock (if you have one) and then factory reset the phone. Then, just give it to the new user who will follow the onscreen activation prompts to use the phone with their existing or new Republic account.

Hi @tomd.rfjs1r

In addition to @louisdi 's excellent reply, here are some documents you may find helpful.

Reactivating My Republic Phone

Activate My Phone

Let us know if you have additional questions.

Thanks All! I think I am seeing how this works. Thanks for the advice.


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