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We have several phones on our Republic plan. My daughter wants to take over her phone billing, and has purchased a new phone and sim card to activate. Is it possible for her to transfer her number to the new phone and a new Republic account? She’s had the same number for 10 years and would like to retain it. ##


I believe to split her off your account and keep her number this will take a service ticket by her and RW will have to confirm with you that you agree being the current account owner.

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Good Morning @seanw.muo0mb,

Your daughter may activate her new phone and SIM as a replacement for her current phone (thereby transferring her current number to the new phone) using Republic’s guidance here: Activate My Phone.

@bocephous is correct that moving her line of service (phone) to its’ own account will require you as the current account owner to raise a support ticket. I suggest your daughter wait to activate her new phone until after her phone is split off from your account.

Slight variation on this question:

What if my daughter wants her own plan but does NOT have a new phone/SIM card? She only wishes to move the current phone and number she has to her own plan…is that an option?? Thank you!

Easy to accomplish option. Basically she will be setting up an account, request the transfer of line to her account and you approve the transfer. You both will need to do this by opening a RW Support ticket(s) as described above. Support should be very helpful.

Thank you!

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