Moving SIM Card and Contacts to New Phone

Can I move my sim card from my existing Republic Moto E 2nd Gen phone to my Republic Moto G4 phone when it arrives?

Also, for my existing photos and contacts, can I move them all to my memory card, put that in the new phone, move them from the card to the new phone? (And then install the better memory card later?)


Hi @kalinam.seqkng!

No, you cannot move the SIM from your Moto E to the Moto G4. This is becuase the SIM in the Moto E2 is only used for 4g LTE. You will have to purchase a new SIM from Republic or Amazon. Also, please include the SIM from your Moto E2 if you intend to sell it. The SIM does not have any contacts or personal information on it.

Your contacts should be automatically backed up by Google and will sync upon setup. Your photos should also be backed up by Google photos. It’s still worth checking both though. You can double check to make sure your contacts are synced at , and you can check if your photos are synced at Google Photos - All your photos organized and easy to find . If you find photos are missing, you can run a backup with the Google photos app. I hope that answers all your questions! Enjoy your new phone!


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