Moving SIM card, SD Card, Apps & Data from RW Moto Z3 Play to Moto Z4

The screen got trashed on my RW Moto Z3 Play. I just purchased an unlocked Moto Z4 direct from Motorola.

  1. Can I move the SIM card from my old phone to the new one > Install the RW app > then I am good to go with my same phone number and RW account?

  2. I refuse to use Google. Is there a way to move all apps & data from the Internal storage over to the new phone? If so how do I go about it?

  3. Finally, can I just pull the SD Card out of my old phone and stick it into the new one?

Thank you !

Hi @Obie,

Maybe. If the SIM is GSM, yes. If it’s CDMA, we’ll need to provide additional insight. Here’s how to tell: Is My Republic Wireless SIM Card CDMA or GSM? – Republic Help.

It will be difficult but you might try an app such as this one: Switch Mobile Transfer. I would point out Android is Google’s operating system. Trying to use Android without using Google amounts to trying to use an iPhone without using Apple. It’s more or less impossible.

Presuming it’s formatted as portable storage, yes.

Of course the mere act of using any app means you’ve signed in to the phone using a Google account and are downloading from the Google Play Store.

@rolandh is completely right. You’ve got a Google phone, trying to avoid Google is futile. Come on in, the water’s fine.

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What I meant to say was I refuse to share my data with Google by uploading the entire contents of my old phone to Google Drive to move it to my other phone. I disable all Google apps on my phone and basically just use their OS.

The SIM is GSM so I don’t think that will be a problem.

It would seem to me that I could upload all the contents the Internal Storage to my PC’s hard drive (in lieu of Google Drive) and then download it to the new cell phone. Does anyone know if this would work?

I noticed I have an app on my phone (MyBackupPro) that says it migrates all apps & data over to a new phone. I will let you know how things unfold.

Thank you all for being here and participating. I have always found the RW community to be very knowledgeable and responsive.

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