Moving SIM out of broken Moto G5 Plus

The Moto G5 Plus I purchased from Republic is broken. I need to replace it ASAP and don’t want to wait for the cross country Republic shipping. Can I take the SIM out of the broken phone and put it in a new phone? There seems to be mixed answers to this on the forums. Is there a particular phone it would work in?

There are mixed answers because it depends on which carrier partner your phone was using as swapping phones by swapping SIMs is a GSM feature and can only happen if your SIM is for the GSM partner

Here’s how to tell:

  1. Remove SIM from phone
  2. Look at SIM
  3. If Republic is written in all gray/black then SIM can not be moved
  4. If Republic is written with “public” in green, then it can be moved

That would be a CDMA SIM card and I believe it may be moved if the replacement phone is first activated using a RW GSM SIM card.


That’s a big maybe. Same model to same model yes. Between models maybe not as some phones use a CSIM, others an ISIM and soon still others SIMOTA.

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Good point.

Do you know how to differentiate between the different CDMA SIMs? Thanks.


I’ve update this chart to show the type of CDMA SIM used: Detailed Supported Phone Features

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Great idea and should help members learn of the differences.


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