Moving to New Zealand Can I Use My RP Phone?


Hi! I am moving to New Zealand for a year this September and am wondering if my Republic Wireless phone will be able to handle a New Zealand sim card so I can continue to use it. I want to stick with republic because I will be able to call back to the US over WiFi but only if I can also use it to make calls in New Zealand. Is this even possible? I need to know if I have to go with an entirely different service… Thank you so much!!


What model of Republic phone? Every one except for the Moto Defy XT, X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 or E2 is a yes.

There will be no cell service anywhere outside US. You will have the same service on wifi, as you do at home. Meaning, you can call/text the US/Canada, but not local numbers. There will be no usable emergency calling while there. (If you made an emergency call it would be routed over wifi to a US dispatch center based on your e911 address).


It would be the Moto G6 play.
So you’re saying that I could get a sim card in New That would allow me to make calls on my phone within the country and it would work just like a phone bought in New Zealand? But I could also continue to make calls to the states and receive texts over WiFi?


Republic anywhere will let you text back to US numbers without the Republic SIM installed but in order to call back to the us you will need the Republic SIM installed, unless your part of the anywhere voice beta or untill anywhere voice leaves beta


You would need to reinstall your RW GSM SIM card when making RW WiFi calls back to the US.



Ok, I get how the calling back to the US works, I guess what I’m really asking is, is a motto G6 play able to have a New Zealand sim card installed making it possible to call and text normally within the country? Thanks guys!


Yes, it is.


So, do you plan to switch sim cards as needed?

I lived in New Zealand for a year and kept my Republic service. I found it easier to just get a cheap second phone with local service. That way I always could get calls/texts from local contacts while family in the U.S. could call/text me any time and either reach me immediately if I was in wifi range (such as in our rented townhouse) or they could leave a message and I could call back when I got in wifi range. Worked great.

We were in Christchurch. Where will you be?


Cool! We’ll be in Rotorua at least at first!


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