Mtorolas are terrible. can i buy an iphone and bring it to republic

Lost my Republic app on Moto E Gen 1, reset and cannot load Republic app.

Hi @vicb.986oj8!

No, Republic does not support iPhones at this time. Hopefully some time down the road though! Republic does have other phones available on the 3.0 platform from other manufacturers. Hope that helps!


Buy a Samsung S7. It is a wonderful phone and the price has dropped.

There should not be a way to “lose” the Republic app on a Moto E gen 1. The Republic app is not removable. Granted, the Moto E 1st gen is a pretty terrible phone on Republic Wireless.

Yes. Even if you somehow disabled the app, reset will bring it back since it’s in the ROM.

Not sure which ‘Reset’ you’re referring to, but if it was a System, you may have reverted to the base level of the RW App and will need to update it via Google Play. You may be encountering a lack of memory problem which you will need to overcome before you can update the RW App … see Moto E: Make the most of your phone’s available storage for some methods.

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