Muffled voice on Moto G5 Plus



For the past couple of weeks, people I call have consistently complained that my voice quality is muffled. I notice that when I enter a call, the LTE symbol changes over to an “H”. Could this be the reason? My microphone is working fine - I tested it using a voice recording app.


Here is a good response on the meaning of the H from @littletoucan … this may shed some light … What does the H mean on the signal strength


Thank you for the reference. In my case, my phone is switching from LTE (when not in a phone call) to H (when connected for voice call). Since I posted, I’ve had another semi-urgent call from a family member who couldn’t understand what I was saying because the voice quality was so poor. Interestingly, I’ve been able to hear the other person quite clearly, it seems like it’s just my end that’s getting messed up.