Multiple Alerts suddenly sound all at once on Moto G6

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Issue Description

The wife and I purchased identical Moto G6s about a year ago. At home, her phone frequently will suddenly sound multiple alerts, sometimes as many as 6-7-8 alerts, all at once in rapid fire succession. Mine does not do this. Our phones operate on our Spectrum 400 mbps internet service when at home. What gives? We live in Overland Park KS, a suburb of KC KS.

Hi @lewisj and welcome back to the Member Community. Just to make sure I understand the question. Are you receiving multiple alerts like Weather Alerts, AMBER Alerts and items like that? Or, are you talking multiple notifications from various apps?

Want to make sure problem isn’t related to something like this –

Or a setting here for wireless emergency alerts –

  • From a Home screen, swipe up to display all apps.
  • Navigate: Settings Settings icon > Apps & notifications .
  • Tap Advanced .
  • Tap Wireless emergency alerts .
  • From the ‘Emergency alert settings’ section, tap any of the following to turn on On indicator or off Off indicator:
  • AMBER alerts
  • Extreme threats
  • Severe threats
  • Public safety messages
  • State/local test
  • Required monthly test/Exercise/Operator
  • Receive Spanish alert

An example of the wording for the alert might be helpful. Just want to make sure we troubleshoot in the right direction :smiley:

The alerts are primarily emails.

Hi @lewisj please bear with me while I try to clearly understand the notifications she is getting. You say they are primarily emails – not text message alerts or wireless emergency alerts.

A few more questions. Is your wife using Gmail on her phone? Is she using any other E-mail program? Has she signed up for any automated E-mails from sites or apps she uses? Does she get them everyday? Is she still getting them?

Could be a series of SPAM messages that got delivered to her Gmail.

If they are SPAM E-mails these two links might help.

Google also has some information about SPAM and Gmail.■■■■■■■■■■■■1519217623■■■■■■■■■■■

My troubleshooting approach is to determine exactly what notification(s) she’d getting so we can decide where they are coming from. Hopefully we will then know how to manage them…and maybe even determine why she’s getting them all at once.

So if you can give more specific information like the exact notification wording (a screenshot would be great), how you get rid of the notification, or anything else that might help determine where the notifications are coming from it might help decide what steps to take.

This forum is also open to other Community Members (customers like myself) that might have some ideas too!

She’s not using GMail, she’s using Yahoo email. She says the alerts audio alerts are all emails. They are not spam. She seems to think it happens after turning on her laptop in the morning…maybe the laptop is somehow forwarding the emails to her phone when powering up?

Hi @lewisj - I do not use Yahoo E-mail so might not be much more help.

There appears to be two versions of Yahoo Mail app; Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Mail Go.

Has she been using Yahoo mail with no notification issues? Is this a new problem? I ask because I did see that Yahoo acknowledged some problems with the Yahoo Mail app and they stated they were working on it back on Feb 19, 2020. They issued an update on February 24. If that’s the app she’s using it might be worth making sure it’s updated. Don’t know if the Yahoo app has it’s own notification settings like Gmail does.

One other question - might not be related. If she leaves her phone plugged into a charger overnight and does not touch the phone in the morning (don’t move it or unplug it), does she still get the notifications when she turns on the laptop?

Hopefully there are some Community Members that are more familiar with the Yahoo mail app that might offer some help too! There also might be something we’ve overlooked during all this :face_with_monocle:

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Yahoo mail has a number of notifications that can be customized (I prefer to turn all my Yahoo mail notifications off). I would suggest you look through Yahoo mail help for answers. You can chat with a Yahoo support agent, also.

I wonder if this is because of Android’s adaptive battery settings. Which version of Android is your wife’s phone on?

Not sure…the phone is less than 2 years old, and we set our phones for auto updates.

BTW, the phone did it again this afternoon, while her laptop was on, so I don’t think the issue is related to the laptop.

You can check the Android version by going to your phone’s Settings app and searching for “Android version” then tapping on that option. It should say something like 8.0.0 or 9.0.0. Let me know if you find it! If you’re on version 9+ I have a hunch, otherwise I’m not sure what would be causing this.

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Android 9. Not 9.0 or any decimals, just Android 9

Okay cool, my device was probably just showing a more specific version, but all we really needed was the first number. Since the phone is on Android 9, I’m wondering if maybe the adaptive battery is causing the issue. Adaptive battery was introduced in Android 9 as a battery saving measure, allowing users to limit some apps from using battery to run in the background while allowing others to continue as usual. When I updated to Android 9 my Gmail app defaulted to being in an optimized battery mode so it would only check for emails every 4 hours, and I’d get bursts of email notifications every 4 hours because of that. To check if this is the case for your wife, go to Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery and see if the switch is toggled on. (I believe it’s on by default) If it is, then go back to the main settings page, then click on Apps & notifications > See all # apps > Yahoo mail. Then expand the Advanced menu, and click on Battery. You’ll see an option called “Battery optimization”, and there should be smaller text right below it saying either “Not optimized” or “Optimized”. Can you check these 2 things (adaptive battery setting and battery optimization for yahoo mail) for me and let me know what you see?

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Sounds promising…I’ll check it out when she gets back.


@lewisj Any chance this resolved the issue?

Sorry for the delay…we got sidetracked with another issue. I’ll follow up soon. Thanks.

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