Multiple free gigs of data this summer?


My son uses a LOT of mobile data. Snapchat for just about every conversation, it seems. Well, Republic was kind enough to give him a free gigabyte of data early in the summer. I figured it was just a one time thing, but really cool of them to do. I’m a little worried now because he’s been given five free gigs this summer in total. I’m not complaining, I just want to make sure it’s legit and that we didn’t do something silly and will get charged for all of it. Anyone else have this happen?



Hi @samuelr.jl1hno,

It’s quite legit and you won’t be charged for the additional data. You should have received a second email each time with that information. My only caution would be for your son not to expect these gifts will continue indefinitely. At some point, all things must pass.


I have received two of these this summer, but receive a notification BEFORE I ever hit my data cap (and I am careful not to hit it). I’m actually wishing I wouldn’t have the notification or the email until I actually hit my cap, as it makes me feel like I’m out of control, need data counseling, a 12-step program on data management, or a guest appearance on some afternoon talk show. I also can’t seem to NOT accept the gift, which makes the guilt all the more thick and foreboding. It’s a shame that something so kind isn’t more clearly communicated, so that I’m not stressing about this. The actual notification about the data addition cuts off because it’s too wordy, and when I try and press on it to see what it says, nothing happens.

Thanks, Republic, for the kind gift(s). I sincerely appreciate it, but STOP IT! You’re stressing me out. :wink:


Wish my son would have gotten this. He is amazing at monitoring his data. Last month he was at his grandparent’s house which has spotty internet (they live way out in the country and internet provider supplies service via cantenna). He sent his sister a .6gb video and didn’t realize that it didn’t go through. Thirty minutes into the trip home the video sent and his phone buzzed to let him know he was out of data. He is on the refund plan and has to pay for what he uses. Usually only has to pay for .3-.5gb. He learned a lesson, though.

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