Multiple Number Support

Does RW support multiple numbers which distinctive rings? For example, I would like to have two different numbers ring to the same phone. If yes, can separate text and voicemail also be supported for both numbers?

No. RW does not support multiple numbers or distinctive rings.

You can setup and install third party apps such as Google Voice and use a separate number via that app. This woudl require wifi connection or woudl use your Mobile Data connection if you are away from wifi.

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Not necessarily. Services such as Google Voice and Sideline can be used with no data at all. The user redialing for outbound calls and call forwarding for inbound calls. They come over the standard voice channel and use no data.

I have tried GV with no wifi and no lte signal…says no network connection.

What are you doing to get that to work?

Settings – Calls – Use Carrier Only

For those options I would need to support their apps in order to facilitate use of the additional phone number(s)?

I’m not sure what “to support their apps” means. You would need to have the app installed on your phone and if it is a paid service, you would have to pay them.

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