Multiple problems due to lost phone

What phone do you have? Moto X4 its lost forever

What plan are you on? annual

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

I am overwhelmed and have no idea how to proceed due to my lost phone - I see there are many problems associated with a lost phone.

I was able to delete, all data and apps on the phone while in Ethiopia - it worked going thru the steps suggested here with the google.

  • Now I need to purchase an inexpensive phone - I see I just missed a big sale. The Moto e6 @ $99 would be perfect. However, I can not wait 2-4 weeks for shipping.
    I figured bring a phone with me from Amazon - I have no idea how to pick one that is compatible with Republic, first problem.
    Second problem I can not log into my Amazon account because the lost phone is the number for the 2-factor authorization.

Then I am unable to sign into my google account - it is asking me to verify it is me. Again the phone number is the one for the lost phone. I tried the steps outlined to recover the account. I guess I need to create an alternative email? I had to change my password in Ethiopia in order to do an email - I can’t locate the new one.

I am senior citizen and not particularly tech smart. I just am totally lost.

I require small baby talk steps to solve these problems. I am writing this from my desktop pc and could locate my password here from my lastpass account. I didn’t have a lastpass app on my lost phone.

Thank you - I so wish I could get in the car and go speak with a real person to sole these problem.

p.s. I see the compataible phones on the RW webpage, but when I go to Amazon I’m not sure what I am look at or for. I need a $100 to $150 phone - it can be refurbished.


Hi @evl

I’m so sorry to hear about you’re situation!
Let’s see if the Community and Republic can help you!

I would first open a ticket and explain what happened. If you get a phone say from Best Buy or somewhere outside of Republic you’re going to need to get the SIM for it. (That’s why I suggest the ticket)

Here is a resource for looking for a compatible phone.

Hopefully other Members can dig around and find a cheap replacement phone and post it here for you.

Hope this help.


I do not recommend the phone at Best Buy. They have stopped stocking a version that is listed as “Factory Unlocked” and you must now select one of their three pre-paid carrier partners (even for activate later).

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Good catch, thank you! I’ll remove that.

2-4 weeks is the worst case scenario. I understand Republic expects to have more stock of the E6 late this week (forgot Sunday is the beginning of the week) but, particularly given the time of year, expectations may change.

Amazon has the Republic compatible E6 linked here:

Depending upon coverage requirements, you may be able to grab a Republic SIM at Amazon for $1 as well. Might we trouble you for a zip code (nothing more) to check Republic’s coverage options for you?

Installing Republic Anywhere on another compatible device (computer or tablet for example) will allow you to send and receive text messages using your Republic number even without a phone. More on Republic Anywhere here:

Downloads here:

Using Anywhere on an alternate device should solve the Google account issue also.


Thanks everyone for your suggestions regarding moving on from my lost phone.
Step 1 completed, ordered the E6 from B&H - appreciate that suggestion.
Now I will order the Republic Sim Card -
Assuming it will be straight-forward to activate the phone.
Like to check please - I can keep my current Republic phone number? Will my contacts be retrieved somehow from Google? I put many of them in the old lost phone manually - are they lost?

Finally, someone suggested I needed to open a help ticket? Is that still what I need to do.

Thanks again and hopeful that this nightmare will be over soon.

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Aologize - I forgot, someone asked me my zip code relating to republic coverage - it is 63301.

I don’t know if it matters but I have been a Republic customer for 4 years or so.

Hi @evl,

I don’t see any reason that you need a help ticket at this point. You’re doing a great job of everything so far.

If you visit on a computer and sign in with the same Google account you use on your phone, you’ll see the contact that will sync to the new phone.

If you use other platforms to store contacts (yahoo, facebook) those may sync as well when you sign into those accounts.

Yes, just make sure when you activate the new phone that you sign into the RW app with the same E-mail address and Republic password you use to manage that phone number in the Account portal. You’ll be offered the opportunity to move the old number to the phone or activate with a new number. Instructions are here:

OK sounds good southpaw. Now to just be patient and wait for the phone and Sim card I ordered from RW to arrive. Phone should be here Wed, and hopefully Sim as well. And thanks for the instructions link.


Hello again - I’m back hoping for the best with my lost phone, lost google password, and now new phone and RW Sim card.
I have:
Completed the initial set-up of the Moto e6 - the one recommended in this discussion from B&H.
Put in the SIm card
Turned it on and connected to my home wifi

In order to install the RW app at the PlayStore I have to sign-in with my Google acct. - I am totally unable to do this because I have lost my Google password, when I was in Ethiopia last week I was asked to change my password in order to access google acct. I did this and sadly lost that new password.

I do not understand how I can possibly activate the new phone, along with transferring my current RW number to this phone without access to my google acct.
I am trying my best, but there is always a roadblock at every turn.
When contacting Google to get a password reset - they ask for an alternate email - I go and get an Outlook email - then I get a reply from on my Outlook email giving me some instructions that make no sense. They tell me to contact them if that doesn’t work, I try to, but the Outlook acct. is requesting a phone number so they can send a code in order to use the Outlook acct. I don’t have a phone,

It goes on and on. Thanks for your help in where to turn next. I haven’t given up, but its getting close.

You can create a new Google account for the purpose of installing the Republic app, and deal with recovering your former Google account at another time.

Good morning - back at solving problems, hopefully.
I tried to activate my RW service using the new phone - thinking as suggested I would need to create new google acct. Problem was when I came to the screen to chose the data plan it is recognizing me as a new RW customer. I am not new I have the annual 13 months for cost of 12 months plan.

I’m quite nervous that I am going to mess up and lose my phone number.
Again, I need baby-steps - not technology savy.

Thank you. ev

Hello, Anyone that can give me help I would appreciate it very much. I replied previous note to southpaw, for all I know she isn’t working today.
Thanks in advance - I have no working phone. Its becoming a safety issue, I live alone - I have no way currently to call for help if something happens. It is important that I get the phone activated and be able to use it to make phone calls.

Hi @evl,

I hope you have not taken any additional action once you reached the screen that suggests you are a new member.

Please back out of the Republic Wireless app and sign out of it. Then sign in using the same E-mail address you use to sign into this Community. That’s your Republic Wireless account “username” and our system needs to reference that account in order to know you already have service and have an annual subscription.

If you need to change the E-mail address on your Republic Wireless account to the new Gmail address you created in order to access the Play Store and download apps, you can do that by following these instructions:

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Thank you SP - I am now successfully activated on the new phone. I can make and receive calls.
Next step work on recovering my lost google password. Bit by bit I suppose.


I have one more thing to complete and I’ll be fixed. I was able to recover my google account (due to lost password). I would like to import my contacts from the google account, the same account I used for my last phone, the one that was lost. When I received the new phone and activated it I just went without my contacts.
Thanks for your help in retrieving my contacts.

I managed to figure out adding the contacts to the new phone. Apologize for any inconvenience. Its done.
Thank you. ev

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Glad to see you were able to get that last thing taken care of and everything is getting back to normal.

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