Multiple problems

  1. The “voice calls only” message. I get it frequently, my husband sitting 3 feet away rarely gets it. Why??? It’s annoying to wake up and get 4 text messages that were sent at various times the previous day.
  2. I often can’t make calls. I try but instead of ringing it gives 3 tones which on my landline used to indicate you’d dialed an unused number.
  3. In the last two days when I call a life-long friend it shows up on her phone as a totally different number, not identified as me.

My husband has a newer Moto phone and none of these problems. My phone is a Moto G4.

Sounds like you need to refresh your Republic credential in the phone.

Connect to WiFi and dial *#*#8647#*#*. If that does not do it, uninstall updates on the Republic app and reinstall the app.

If this is still happening open a ticket with support.

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