Multiple Reactivations

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 with the My Choice Plan with 1GB data.

My phone requires me to reactivate every 4-5 days. There is a warning that the phone is not activated. I open the Republic Wireless app, hit “Not Now” when the prompt asks if I want to make the Republic Anywhere my default text app, and then I restart the phone, as it indicates I should. Once the phone restarts it is activated and when I call my voicemail I will have several days worth of voicemails that suddenly are available.

This has occurred throughout the life of the phone and my four months of service with Republic. It is not a difficult process, but annoying, and not receiving voicemails for many days is problematic.

There are no warnings to me that anything is awry other than those days of not receiving any voicemails. I continue to receive phone calls and texts during those times.


Do you have any sort of anti-virus, battery-boosting, or speed-boosting apps on the phone?

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No, there are no such apps on my phone.

I would suggest that you consider the following

  • Install Network Cell Info Lite (free)
    • At time of next ‘failure’, Open Network Cell Info Lite and take a screenshot of the ‘Gauge’, this will show a lot of pertinent data about the condition of both the Cell and your WiFi connections at the time


May or not be related. It’s been common for me to have to go through the decline or accept RWA routine
and the required reboot at least twice after my phones have initially activated indicating the new number. The second and/or third prompt may pop up immediate after the first restart or be delayed for some time. On at least one occurrence it popped up several days later. Receive few VMs and never noticed any delays of that type so it has been just an irritation for me never inquired about.

Whether or not RWA is chosen doesn’t seem to affect the prompts. But prior to RWA there was no subsequent prompts or reboots required.


Thanks for the quick reply, I’m sorry I wasn’t immediately available.

If you haven’t already done so, please do open a support ticket on this matter. It’s not something we’ve seen in Community. Our technicians may need to look into whether the SIM card is failing, or perhaps the SIM card reader is having some sort of issue. They will probably have additional insight, as well.


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