Music apps can't find the music on my Moto Z


I have a Moto Z play with an SD card inserted. I have put music on the internal memory and the SD card. Several music apps I have downloaded cannot find the music. I have had them scan and rescan. I think the SD card has not been formated for internal memory. Any thoughts?


Have you tried VLC media player for Android?


What format is the music? mp3, flac, wav, should be fine.

Some other formats may need a 3rd party app to play.
I recommend PlayerPro or Poweramp.


Not correct. iTunes uses standards based mp4 and also supports mp3. The only iTunes music files that cannot be synced with an Android phone are older copy protected files, which Apple stopped selling years ago.

There are Android apps quite capable of syncing iTunes content (inclusive of playlists) with an Android phone. I use this one:


iTunes originally used MP3 then later went to MP4 (Apple uses a .m4a file extension and calls it AAC but it’s MP4 just the same). iTunes also supports MP3, WAV and AIFF (the Mac equivalent of WAV). There is a proprietary Apple lossless codec similar in concept to FLAC but by no means does iTunes require its use. The only potential issue with using iTunes content on an Android device is digital rights management intended to protect the content copyright holder not Apple. Apple stopped selling DRM protected music in 2009. Like other vendors, Apple continues to use DRM on video content.

The entire folder perhaps not but the individual folders holding the music within that, one most certainly can.

The app I referenced merely syncs iTunes content with an Android device. It’s not a music player and reads or converts nothing. Once on an Android device whether via the app I referenced, another app or manually copied, iTunes music works perfectly fine with Google’s Play Music app. Seems to me that’s about as native as it gets. For me, the only issue is Play Music’s idiotic cap on playlists being limited to 1000 songs.


I tried poweramp. And it worked for a while, but every time I got away from wi-fi it couldn’t check to see if I paid and it wouldn’t work - as in airplane mode. My music files are all wav or mp3.



For what it’s worth I’ve been using Rocket Player on my phones for at least 4 years with no issues with a X1, G3 and X Pure. It has just located my files and played them.



Thanks. I installed it and it works great. I really appreciate it.