Music clip plays randomly


My Moto G phone (3rd gen) randomly plays a music clip (the Universal Studios Theme) for a few seconds. It happened 3 times today. The most recent time I had no apps running. I don’t have Spotify or other music streaming apps on this phone. I have blocked notifications on every app I have, except for Messages, Phone and Email. This is annoying and kind of spooky. This has been discussed on an android forum, but there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer.

Does anyone have any wisdom about this?


Run the phone in safe mode for a day or 2 at least, if that stops it, it is most certainly a rouge app or bad app that is doing it.

Remove any non stock apps.

Also check you web browser and close out any inactive tabs. I would even say go in to the System app settings and delete the app data and cache for the browser app.

IF you still have this issue after all of that…factory reset the phone and do not do the restore apps function, just setup the basic functions and go from there. I have seen this happen to a few folks whose phones has become infected with some sort of malware.


Do you have the app Restaurant Finder on your phone? Uninstall it and see if it stops.


@davids.2uhrc0 Are you still having an issue?


I still have the problem (I haven’t heard it lately because I turned the Media Volume all the way down.) I deleted my Firefox Data and Cache and even totally disabled Chrome, which didn’t help. (I do not have Restaurant Finder.) I guess I’ll go ahead and Factory-Reset, unless I read on an Android forum or here that someone actually knows something about this.


Hi @davids.2uhrc0

Looking through the web the only thing I could find different from what you have already tried is from this link:

There is one post that said “Uninstalled Amazon App. Resolved”
If you have the Amazon app installed you might try removing it. After that, it does sound like a Factory Reset is the last option. If you do that though, be careful when adding apps back. Maybe only add the ones you need at first and then slowly add more just in case one of yours was the offender. (as @SpeedingCheetah has said)