Must i get a new sim?


swapping out my dead XPure on RW for an X4 I bought from motorola. Can I just swap out my Xpure’s sim card into the new x4 and activate it? Or must I get a new sim card?


this depends on which carrier partner the Moto X Pure is on If GSM (T-Mobile) then you do not need a new SIM, if it’s a CDMA then a new SIM is needed.
As swapping phone via a SIM swap is a GSM Feature


Open Republic Wireless app
Tap on Gear icon in upper right corner
Tap on About
Under your phone number it will tell you what kind of SIM you have


my pure was gsm so the swap should work I guess.


x pure is bricked so can’t check sim from that phone. :-/


if you look at the SIM card itself if the “Republic” is written in duel Green/Grey (“RE” in grey and “public” in Green) then it’s GSM, if all Grey it’s CDMA


Sorry about that. :frowning:


So I find myself in a similar position as the person starting this thread. I have a Moto X Pure Edition which I purchased through RW and I’m looking to buy a new phone because the Pure’s digitizer has thrown in the towel. The ‘Republic’ on the SIM card in the Pure is written in all grey so that means it’s a CDMA? If I purchase a Moto X4 (not from RW) will my current SIM go in it and I’ll be up and running? The RW website says to bring your own phone it has to be North American, unlocked and GSM. How do I have a non-GSM SIM in my Pure if RW runs on GSM? Doesn’t the X4 run both CDMA and GSM so either should work? I’m getting confused. Someone help me!


@mylesj.nomsrx When bringing your own phone, it must first be activated on the GSM network. Once it is activated, then you can open a ticket. Republic will determine if the CDMA network is indeed better in your area and can send a CDMA SIM card if needed.


One must get a BYOD SIM as all BYOD needs to be activated on GSM, and then if CDMA coverage is needed Republic support will need to send a new CDMA SIM as the SIM in the Moto X Pure is a cSIM and the X4 takes a iSIM


Very helpful information. Thank you both!


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