Must press 1 before answering a call now?

For some reason today when either of our phones ring (Moto X4 and Moto Z3 Play),
we have to press a 1 before answering the call. Is this something new that was added to the “Phone” application when it got updated to version 34.05.257897538?
We are on the $15 + 1gb = $20 plan (well plus taxes). We both have Android Pie.
How can I turn it off?
I already use “do not disturb”, so only people in my contacts even ring my phone.
This is another level of spam proofing I really don’t need.
When I call her number it does not happen (both R.W. phones). These other calls came in from the outside, and are in our contact lists!

I did check in the “phone” app settings that
“Caller ID & spam” is ON .
“Filter Spam Calls” is OFF
It may be that these were calls to our Google Voice numbers that are forwarding to R.W. phones. I will check with the callers to see if they dialed those numbers, which I did not know they even had.

@muerte33 - both of our Moto G6’s updated the phone app to version 34.05.257897538 this morning. Both phones work normally (slide up to answer) and do not require a Press 1 to answer. Not sure your issue is related to the phone app update. Just wanted to share our experience.

Sorry I don’t have an answer for your issue. There are some pretty smart people in the community so give them a little time to reply!

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Are you using Google voice numbers?


He was calling our forwarded Google Voice numbers, so that is what it is.
Sorry about that, I will close this one out.


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