Mute doesn't work when second call comes in

A second incoming call removes the microphone mute from the first call on the Motorola E4.
Annoying when you are in a teleconference!

Any solution for this?

Thank you

I’m not aware of this issue having ever been discussed here. If there is a solution for this, you would likely have more success finding it by posting your question in the Motorola Moto E4 support forum.


If incoming call rejected the mute should return. If call put on hold the mute should return. Just did an ops check with X Pure/G4 and that’s the way it works. E4 different? You might try another phone/dialer app?

It makes sense that an incoming call would disable mute, so you can answer the incoming call appropriately. Maybe there is a pound code that will do this.

I did find this from a T-Mo user, but cannot verify whether or not it works with RW:
"… Press the send key (you’ll get a dial tone as if you were making a 3-way call), dial *70-send, you get the confirmation, and I believe you press the send key again to return to your caller. "

There is a setting in the Phone app that disables call-waiting. But, it is apparently disabled on RW phones. It is on my Z Play.
Phone app menu > Settings > Calls > Additional settings

Edit: AT&T also uses the *70-send method"
" To deactivate Call Waiting: Before placing an outgoing call, press *70 and wait for a dial tone. Dial the desired number."

So, give it a try.

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