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Microphone when on Phone people at the other end can not here me. I hear them fine but they can not hear me. I call the house phone to leave a message but there is no message. I tried other apps and it is the same way.
I cleared the cache and booted to safe mode and it is the same way. I have a screen protector on for a while and the phone was fine before. I am using the system phone.

Hi @johnk.ctj30v

Try using the speech-to-text or talking to Google Assistant. Does the phone respond?

Sorry for the slow response. Mic works, just not on phone. Using stock phone app. I have the Moto g6.

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Thanks for getting back and for the additional information.

Please try the following and then see if things improve.

Did the reset and still not working.

Did a factory reset. Deleted all apps. Tried the phone with minimum software installed. still not working.

Now I know it is a hardware issue. Upon looking at the mic hole, I saw that it did not look clear. I vacuumed it up but still looked like there was debris inside.

This prompted me to rip the screen protector off and vacuum again. The mic hole looked clear and now my problem is solved. Caller can hear me clearly.

Although the screen protector and mic holes were lined up, there must have been a little glue residue that made dust stick to it.

Now I have the huge task of installing all the apps I had. I guess a little at a time.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.


this topic will be helpful for everyone, thanks alot for this.
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