MY 1st Gen Moto G just died - a replacement is one the way. How will I switch over?


After almost 4 years, my 1st gen Moto G quit working - it goes through the startup animations and then just locks up.

I decided it was time to move up a bit anyway, since I was having storage issues with my 5gig phone - I couldn’t even upgrade most of the apps anymore due to lack of space. So I ordered a used Republic Moto G 3rd gen 16gig on eBay. I don’t want to lose my 3G + WiFi plan I am grandfathered into. What are the steps I’ll have to go thourh to activate the “new” phone on my old plan?




Just go though the activation steps though the Republic app on the new phone
You will be ask to log in and to select your current line or a new line when you select current line your current plan will move to the replacement Legacy phone alone with your current numbers


There doesn’t seem to be a SIM card - do I have to get one from RW?


Legacy phones with out a SIM need to have a help ticket for Republic to send one

the SIM is only for LTE access and the phone should still activate with out it


I am getting a 'Cell configuration failed" message. Is that related to the SIM card?


And when I try to set up Anywhere I get “No preferred SIM selected for sending SMS messages”


It could be but the phone should work with out the SIM (as it mainly there for LTE access)

when you get this error where you on a know good WiFi network?
when you got the phone did you do a factory data reset?
I would see what Republic support says about this (I not too familiar with Cell configuration failures) Tickets | Republic Wireless


I am on a good network, but did not do a factory reset - I’ll try it


Factory reset didn’t work - I get a “No SIM card - emergency cell calls only”.

I’ll wait to hear back from my support ticket.

Thanks for your help!


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