My 3.0 Experience

I have been a customer of Republic Wireless since March 2013 after leaving Verizon. I started with the defy, then moto G 1st gen, to the moto x 1st gen, and now moto g4.

I have generally happy the whole time. I have had my share of problems but thanks to everyone here on the forum, I have been able to fix any issue. I never really post anything, never had to put in a help ticket, just reading and troubleshooting on my own.

I have added 2 phones for my kids since the beginning with just talk and text and the refund plan on mine. I loved the bill. Only used about 150mb a month.

I have been wanting a little bigger phone for awhile. I was happy to see the opportunity to get unlocked phones. I do believe some of the problems I have seen over the years might have been caused by the modified Republic Rom. My biggest concern was the new GSM carrier Republic would be using. Everyone I knew with this carrier that came to my area in west Michigan always had problems. We have never had a carrier store in my town because the service was horrible. Then a short time before 3.0 was available a new store for carrier came in down the street. I went to talk to them. They told me in the past few months the GSM carrier was working in the area and now it was good enough for the area.

I hesitated for awhile with it. I found a deal on Ebay on a brand new moto g4 that I couldn’t pass up. I thought I would give it a try so ordered it. I thought I could always go back to my x1 if it didn’t work and wait for sprint to be available. I ordered the sim card and waited for them to arrive.

I have now been on the 3.0 plan for 5-6 weeks. I am amazed, I have never been this happy with Republic Wireless or any other carrier I have been with. To be fair I have always been happy with Republic but now it is above and beyond that. The data speed is 5 times faster than I had on the 2.0, the bonded calling is fantastic. I travel weekly for work, I stay within 100 miles but not one issue yet. Hopefully it stays that way when I travel to Florida in a couple months.

My one and only issue with the 3.0 plans this far is they do not have data refund. I thought I would not watch my data use at all and see where it ends up at all. I never hit half my limit. I guess I trained myself to well when on the 2.0 plans. I am about ten days into my second month on 3.0 and the Republic app says I have used 75mb. I need to start using it more. I hate buying something I do not use.

To end this I just want to thank Republic Wireless and everyone on the forum for all their help and a great experience. Thank You!!!


Hi @pvt5

Great feedback, thanks for sharing your GSM experience.


Hi @pvt5 ,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience! We appreciate it. I’ll make sure your feedback, especially that about the Refund Plan, is not overlooked.

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