My 4 Year Old Huawei Ascend 5W vs My 6 Month Old Moto G Stylus

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Member Since: February 2015. I think there might have been 1-2 months where I wasn’t with Republic Wireless from February 2015 till now (June 2021).
Phone: I now am using a Moto G Stylus
Plan: I’m on the 1gb My Choice Plan

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Huawei Ascend 5W
On December 13, 2016, I bought the Ascend 5W from Republic Wireless, which was an excellent deal at the time. I was one of the ones who was able to get the phone + 6 months of free service; I only had to pay for taxes and fees and additional data if I wanted to.

I definitely don’t regret buying it. At the time, I was concerned mainly about getting a phone that could allow me to call, text, and surf the internet on wifi. I looked at everything else as a bonus. My first phone with Republic Wireless was a 1st Generation Moto E. This phone only had 4gb of internal memory I believe, and the camera quality wasn’t the best. However, I could call, text, and surf the web, and I could get a phone that was more in my budget than Republic Wireless’ first phone–the Moto X.

(I think I eventually ended up getting a used 1st generation Moto X from Swappa some time in my journey with Republic Wireless).

The Ascend 5W was an upgrade for me over the Moto E. It had 16gb of memory, it was a bigger phone, it had a better camera than the Moto E, and again, I got 6 months of 6 months of free service.

As time progressed, I noticed some problems with my Ascend 5W:

  • When my phone was on speaker phone, it had an echo.

  • Over time as I basically had no space left on my phone, there was a lag when I tried to make a call.

  • Eventually, I couldn’t use the Bank of America app, which is what I used to make mobile check deposits from work instead of driving 45+ minutes to my bank.

  • Over time, my phone began to run slow.

I wanted to keep my phone for another year anyways, but the reason why I decided it was time for an upgrade was because I didn’t think it was the best for me to drive 1.5+ hours (round trip) every 2 weeks to my bank to deposit a check when I could just buy a new phone, so I did.

Moto G Stylus
On January 10, 2021, I got a Moto G Stylus.

This time I wanted to get somewhat of a mid tier phone instead of being content with the cheapest phone at Republic Wireless. This phone has 128gb, which is the most internal memory I’ve had in any of my smartphones.

These are some improvements I’ve had over my Huawei Ascend 5W:

  • I’m not experiencing the lagging I was having with my Huawei Ascend 5W.

  • When I call, I don’t have a delay like I was having with my Huawei Ascend 5W. (My theory is that I had used up too much internal memory on my Ascend and/or it was just too old, which prevented it from calling properly over time).

  • The echoing while on speakerphone issue is gone.

  • I could download my Bank of America app.

  • I think the camera is better in the Moto G Stylus than the Ascend as well.

  • I have a stylus. (I really don’t use it, but I’m glad that I at least have the option of using it).

The Moral of My Story:
It’s great to save money by not upgrading a phone, but it still does come at a cost. Republic Wireless continues to improve, and I’ve seen that if I keep using an old phone too long, then I may be missing out on some of the performance upgrades that Republic Wireless offers.

One of the things I’m thankful for is that Republic Wireless has affordable phone options to choose from.

If you’re judging your Republic Wireless service by using a 4 year old (or older) phone, you’re probably pastdue for an upgrade if you want to experience what Republic Wireless is really like right now.


All my old phones seemed to fail in a short period of time at the end of last year…swelled batteries, etc., and i was down to a 5 year old phone with broken bluetooth. My mom treated me to a new phone in January, and I decided on the Moto G Stylus as well (the 2021 model…not sure if that’s what you got.)

It was such a treat having everything work! And yeah, my beloved Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge only had 32GB of storage, so the 128GB on the Stylus is great. Not to mention the SD card slot (Mom’s s new Galaxy doesn’t have one.) I don’t use the stylus either (if you’ve ever used a Samsung Note device, this stylus is garbage :joy:), but all the other specs for the money are great. Glad you like yours, too!

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And I thought I had a Republic Wirelesss phone for a long time… :wink:

I got the version of Moto G Stylus right before that (the 2020 one?). About a month after I bought it, Republic Wireless had 2021 Moto G Stylus in its inventory. However, I’m still happy for the phone I have, and I’m glad Republic Wireless keeps on upgrading their phone options.

I know that’s right, @jumphour! :slight_smile:

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Thank-you for this review. I’m going to upgrade someone from a G6 + to a 2021 Stylus.
She’s a ‘power’ user (kinda) and has complained about that phone for quite a while now, and I do think it’s ‘low internal storage available’ issues (32GB).

Struggling between 2020 vs. 2021 versions though, although I got a line on ‘new/unopened’ for $230 shipped. My finger is on the trigger, so to speak.

(edit: my son had the same deal on the Ascend, but it was destroyed by ‘jailbreaking’ and dropping/sitting on it in a very short time, lol.)

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