My almost new Moto G6 cannot CAST

What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on? standard plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data included

Issue Description

Bought the new Moto G6 about 3 mos ago when my Moto G4 battery died. Really liked the G4. Took a little while to get the new phone functioning as well as my G4 except that the G6 cannot CAST. Never had a [problem with the G4 casting. Like this feature for pics & listening to Amazon Prime music etc through my 5.1 audio system. The CAST feature shows up on my phone but when I click on it does not turn blue.
My local IT guy is outstanding & was the person who told me about RW & got me started. Have had him for 15 yrs & he has always been able to correct a problem,until now. Have gone through all the Google set ups several times. It appears that is correct as the Google program starts up but never completes. Just keeps trying no matter how much time we give it. NEVER had this problem with my Moto G4. Could my phone be defective?
Pls note that any replies will be forwarded to my IT(Danny) as I am 80+ & a bit behind times. Personal note: I was trained as an Electronics Tech,in the military,but that was over 65 yrs ago.


Hi @jim,

I’m sorry to see that no one has replied to your question!

Could you tell us what it is you’re trying to cast to?

Could you describe in a little more detail what this looks like, or maybe post a screenshot? Is it the “Searching for devices” message?

Have you made sure the phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the device to which you hope to cast?

Are you trying to cast from the Google Home app or from the icon accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen?

Trying to cast pics etc to my Sony tv, Everything is the same in my set up except now using my G6 not previous G4. Cast icon appears @ top rightof subject to be cast. With my G4 the icon turned blue when I clicked on it & the Sony tv ID showed on my phone. When I click now the Sony ID shows up on my G6 but the Cast icon does NOT activate. I only have access to 1 WiFi. No problem there…
Remember my initial post. My IT(Danny) guy has tried many times to correct the problem. He has been my IT for 20 yrs & NEVER had a problem like this that could not be solved.
Anybody out there with the new MOTO G6 NOT casting?

have you tried the app Allcast? That apps seems to be able to cast to anything even when the phone or app may not support so.

It may be an compatibility issue between the phone and the tv.
Have you updated the TVs software or the cast device connected to the TV (such as a Chromecast or Roku)

Have not tried Allcast. My Sony tv is smart & up dates automatically from my WiFi., Having tried everything my G6 could be a possibility. Anyone out there have a problems CASTING with their Moto G6? Appreciate all help. Jim

Yes, I read that, and understood it, but mistakenly thought you were nonetheless asking for suggestions.

If your post was meant to simply call for other G6’s that won’t cast, I would say there don’t seem to be an overwhelming number of replies here suggesting it’s a common problem. I’ve reviewed our Help Center tickets dating back to the beginning of this year, and see only one other question about casting from a G6, and that was solved by going over the instructions to cast.


@freddyp do you have any experience casting with your G6?

Always open to suggestions. My post was to only describe the difficulties. Thx. Jim

Here’s a question and response from the Motorola forum:

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Took your suggestion & installed Allcast. Install ok. Get the same results as before. Everything displays but when I tap the cast button–nothing happens. Beginning to look like a G6 problem. Jim

@southpaw We can’t cast with either of our G6’s. Phones never see any devices. Did not try casting under Oreo so can’t confirm if it’s related to upgrading to PIE. Doubtful.

Background - We have an older Vizo TV and use a Roku 3800R for streaming and casting. Casting with Windows 10 is erratic at best. The Roku 3800R is running on the 2.4GHz network. So we tried connecting the phones to 2.4GHz home network to see if it had any impact. It didn’t and didn’t really expect it to.

Looks like @cbwahlstrom has probably hit on the answer for our inability to cast because we are using a Roku and not Chromecast….sigh.

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From MOTO Google update to Android: Casting can only be done thru Chromecast.


Thx to the RW Community for the help on my MOTO G6

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