My Apps are not getting internet connection

What phone do you have? Moto X
What plan are you on? Republic Refund ™ Base Plan + 1 GB Cell Data
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

Some of my apps won’t update (for example my weather underground app and my gmail - because it says that I don’t have internet connection even though I do and my search engine and other internet functionaility is unaltered. It has showed up in the past and quickly resolved itself, this last time, it’s been about 5 days that my weather underground app wasn’t updating and about a day fro gmail then after restarting twice, it fixed soon after that. Is this just a matter of having to restart several times or is there another way to fix this if it happens?

Since you seem to indicate only some apps are not using cell data…For a bit more graphical view part of what @jben is suggesting, please see this post and look at the step #5 to make sure your apps are set to use cell data:

Thanks @daddydave , and I have updated my reference in Tips & Tricks to include a link to that discussion

Daddydave in your response on Feb 19 - I don’t understand which post you
are referring to when you say “This Post” - there doesn’t appear to be a
link to a post in your response

This is the link to the discussion/comment that @daddydave referenced

and here the link not embedded in a post
link to post{No internet connected with cell}

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I’ve resolved my issue

If you could tell us how you solved your issue, it may help someone else who happens upon this thread … it’s how we all learn

Rebooted my phone

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Ok, very sorry you had to figure that out for yourself … many of us come from technology/computer backgrounds and often take too many things for granted before diving folks off into the weeds :slight_smile:

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No problem. I should have done that before I posted. Guess my brain is
losing my troubleshooting skills since I retired.

What I was trying to point out … you’re certainly not the first person to miss this step, so you (including myself, who began a lifetime around electronics that began in 1955 aboard a submarine)

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