My assessment of Republic Wireless after 8 Years (Should I Stay or Should I Go)

I have been a Republic Wireless (RW) member for 8 years and in this time I have seen many changes good and bad (in my humble opinion). I have accepted poor cellular coverage in many areas because of the price/service tradeoff. In the beginning I accepted the limited phone choices and absence of multiple plan options for the same reason. However, over recent months my coverage has started to become more of an issue and phone call/service quality has dropped as well. I rechecked coverage maps and it shows LTE coverage and where I don’t even get voice coverage and NEVER have.

I have never provided RW a review because I like to give products and service time before giving a scathing or glowing review. I understand that there is more to a product than adds and a shiny box so I wanted to be fair to RW and prospective consumers before praising or bashing the products and services of RW. As such, 8 years later I am writing a review because I have patiently waited for things to get better only to see the quality of service be reduced. The support of the RW wireless team is second to none. I have been with Altel and Verizon in the past and have NEVER received such support of rapid a response to a troubleshooting question as I have here with RW. In fact, MANY other companies should pull a customer support chapter out of the RW support book and benefit from the experience.

The phone selection has gotten 100 times better than when the program was first started and I imagine this will only grow as capabilities grow. The pricing is in theory excellent and the one-year subscription service makes the setup even better. However cellular service has steadily gotten worse over time and this is a deal breaker for me. I have no issues with the republic concept of mostly operating over WIFI but I am required to leave my house and expect service when I am paying for it. I am not sure if it is a Sprint/TMobile issue but I did buy in based on the coverage map of RW and I can honestly state WITHOUT a doubt the data displayed is misleading and false.

I would be happy to converse with a RW engineer of whoever is in charge of this part of the RW service and drive the areas I drive every single day to show them there is NO coverage where they say there is. In the areas of 31820, 31829, 31831, 31807 and 31811. The coverage map on RW home page shows 4GLTE coverage and there are ZERO bars in most of those areas for both my phones. One is a Motorola G5 Plus the other a Motorola G6 however, none of my phones from the defy on has ever had coverage in these areas. As stated earlier I was overlooking this from the start but it seems to have gotten worse and I’m not sure how much longer I can afford to hold on to the RW service.

Another issue I think we’ll be facing soon is dealing with the merger of Sprint and TMobile. There has been little publicity that I’ve seen here at RW and I have concerns about the swap over/upgrades with equipment and what kind of impact that will have on RW customers. The near term has been TMobile will continue to carry on with the service for Sprint customers but for how long and at what levels? But this was about a review and I have shared more than I should have maybe…The service started out decent then became a bit more expensive and now it appears (at least where I am located) to be taking a turn for the worse with no improvements in sight. I would recommend republic to many who live in the vicinity of a reliable TMobile cell service because I think anyone would be hard pressed to beat the RW price and support there. However, if the TMobile/Sprint service in your area is just so-so or spotty, RW will be a disappointment.

Sorry RW, I wish I could say things have improved across the board but when I leave the house I need to be able to use my phone too.

Hi @eodben,

Thank you for taking the time to write a thoughtful review. So often when someone has a complaint, they focus only on the negative, and I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to list some very positive comments about our service, and that your explanation of what you have found to be a downfall of our service is very fair. I would agree with you entirely in your assessment here:

It is very hard for us to deliver reliable phone service if there is no coverage.

While I’m not a Republic engineer or even someone in charge, I hope you won’t mind if I discuss your coverage with you.

The Zip codes you list, when entered on the coverage map on our website, indicate “fair” coverage. Fair is defined by the network partner as “Service outdoors and on the road.”

Our other network partner indicates stronger coverage in your area, but that coverage is somewhat dependent on the phone. While it appears to be better than the coverage you currently have, you do live in an aread where neither network partner is currently showing very robust coverage. However, before you make the decision to leave us, would you like to try SIM cards that would allow your phones to use Sprint’s network and see what you think? I’ll be glad to have those SIM cards sent to you at no cost, there’s no plan change involved in replacing the SIM cards, none of your personal content is stored on the SIM cards, and your phone numbers would not change.

If you’d like to give the other SIM cards a try, just let me know, and I’ll get in touch with you privately to confirm your shipping address. (Please don’t reply with that, as your reply will be publicly visible.)


Southpaw if you think changing the SIM cards will provide better coverage than I am most certainly for that. As I stated in my review my issue has and coverage not Republic Wireless itself nor the service of you and the team. Trust me when I say I do not want to leave I definitely need better service.

Thank you very much for your response and your assistance…I look forward to seeing if we can make it better.




Did you try the root metrics app to see what they say the actual measured coverage is in you areas?

@Majorninth appears to be another of us that puts little faith in the coverage maps provided by the major carriers. My understanding is they are based on engineering design models \ The coverage map that all Republic links point to is for T-Mobile (GSM)
As @Majorninth suggested Root Metrics provides excellent mapping that is based on actual data gathered by the Root Metrics team driving the routes, while specially outfitted with a suite of cellphones, they are in contact with their servers to gather the signal levels. These are then aggregated with data from their own phone application that is downloaded by users.
Users can set for the desired carrier and drill down by address, click on any hex representation and you can see the number of data hits, signal levels and best technology based on the layer you select… I see they have added 5G …


I’ve never heard of the app prior to this post. I appreciate ALL the additional input and advice from the RW family…Thank you

I think your 3 words above perfectly sum it all up … and as it says above by the big :smiley: Welcome Back

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