My battery drains very fast when (for example) I'm at work where there is wifi

This seems to happen when I am at work where there is wifi, but I am not allowed access to it. And when I am at other locations with wifi, but I am not allowed to access it. Is there a fix? Here it is only 1 pm, and my phone is practically dead … again!

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This phone is a CDMA version. As such, it will increase the power output to make a cellular connection. So if you are using the phone where there is no cell or a weak cell, then the phone will go through a battery quickly.

About the only thing you can do is put the phone in airplane mode if you have access to a phone at work and do some housekeeping. You will have to remember to take the phone out of airplane mode when you leave work.

Housekeeping includes:

  1. Turning the phone off and back on once a month.

  2. Clearing the system cache once a month. Clearing the Cache

  3. Doing a factory reset when things get really bad.

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