My battery is draining too fast

I have the battery draining problem. However, at least in my case, it is NOT “normal degradation with age”, as was suggested above. My phone normally uses 0.5-0.9%/hr idling on WiFi only, and ca. 1.5% idling with cellular on (measured with the AccuBattery app).
Occasionally, there is a sharp dropoff from a slowly downsloping line (representing the normal low hourly consumption) to a steep line on the graph in Settings -> Battery, seemingly out of nowhere, starting when the phone is totally idle, screen off, at home, until the battery is empty fast. When it happens at night, the phone will unexpectedly have drained and turned off in the morning, which is a pain as the alarm clock will not work.
It happened right now. The percentage usage shows:
Android OS 25%
Republic Wireless 17%
Cell standby 13%
The percentages are “since last full charge”, not just during the episode of fast draining, i.e. the AndroidOS + Republic usage during the episode itself is probably much higher.

… which is not very helpful, but to me the evidence suggests that Republic triggers some CPU intensive process at either scheduled or arbitrary times, which in turn probably uses Android OS services, together resulting in the fast battery drain and dead phone (unless noticed by me before the phone is dead).

The deep sleep percentage, usually 90%, is also much lower whenever this happens.

Definitely, this is NOT normal battery age related. My battery normally lasts 2-4 days, but only a few hours when this sharp, sudden dropoff in the consumption graph occurs. After brief charging, the fast energy loss is gone and the consumption is back to normal.

This whole episode seems to happen about once a week or so, but it’s a pain as the phone is sometimes unexpectedly dead when I need it the most.

Cell phone is Moto E 2nd gen. with the Republic pre-installed system. The system and all apps are up to date, and I have only a few select apps and no major apps with high battery usage installed, nor do any apps show major usage in the histogram.

Please help.

What does AccuBattery calculate for your battery health percentage? The quick drop off to phone shutdown is a classic symptom for the battery nearing the end of useful life. The battery graph in Android is based on a model. When the battery ages toward the end of useful life, the battery’s behavior is outside of the range of the discharge prediction model.

Of course if you’re still getting two days of battery life, it’s probably not something I would be overly concerned about.


Thanks for your reply, but if you read my post, even if we assume that the Android battery graph or the AccuBattery numbers are totally meaningless due to imminent battery failure or advanced age, my phone normally lasts 2-4 days in 95% of times. All numbers and graphs, and the actual observed uptime between charges, are consistent. (My battery is ca. 3 years old, AccuBattery shows 1,837 mAh estimated capacity which is 81% of the original capacity, and should last many more years as I recently started using AccuBattery cycling in a ca. 30-60% charge range with my low usage. But I believe all that has nothing to do with the issue at hand, as 95%+ of cycles are 2-4 days, supporting the discharge rates of ca. 0.5-1.5%/hr when idling.)
The sharp dropoff occurs ca. once a week on average, coincides with high discharge rates shown in AccuBattery, and the phone actually dying quickly. Additionally, the “episodes” coincide with AndroidOS + Republic Wireless consuming more battery than any other process, which I think is not the case outside the “episodes”. On top of that, the deep sleep percentage during the last episode was 0%, while normally it is ca. 90%, further supporting my thesis that there is a problem with Republic Wireless, not with the battery.
Frankly, this behavior is a pain as I sometimes can’t use my phone when I need it most. If someone can please explain why the Republic Wireless process is killing my phone, I would be very happy.

Am I seeing this correctly? The phone is in to its 3rd day of battery life? If so, you’re well over average, so I’m not sure there’s really an issue. That being said, if I had to guess, given the time of day and the frequency that you’re indicating my guess would be that Android is updating all the apps over night and the download and install of updates is fairly battery intensive, accounting for the usage that you see.

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