My bill was $5 higher and i did not use more data



Why is my bill higher this month since I did not use more data. Republic Wireless…please step up and answer.


This is a community forum. We can provide general information, but not dig in to your private information.

What model phone do you have? On the new phones, there are no refunds, so what you USE doesn’t matter, it’s about what you BUY.

Have you checked Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless to see your invoice?


Hi @sandraf.vdqz50,

Please know you’ve posted your question to Republic’s Community, which is a public Internet forum. It’s quite possible a Republic staffer will step up with insight specific to your question as they (unlike us) can lookup up account specific information.

Meanwhile, with some help from you, we might be able to help sort this. Might you have purchased a new phone recently? A new phone would mean a new plan and the price difference you reference sounds about right.


Hi @sandraf.vdqz50,

I apologize that I did not see your question earlier, and thank you for bringing your concern to us.

We are investigating an issue that led to taxes being charged twice on specific accounts with billing cycle dates on the 4th of the month, and we are working to correct that billing issue. I see that you have experienced some difficulty in the past opening a ticket, so I will open a ticket on your behalf so our billing team can get this error corrected for you.

Edited to add: For anyone else who noticed an increase in their January 4 (and only January 4) invoice, please compare the line items to see if the increase is that your tax amount was doubled. If that is the case (and only if that is the case, lest your ticket end up in the wrong place and take longer to resolve) please open a ticket and ask whether it could be investigated as part of master ticket 1299010.

(@Experts - please take note of this as well, I’ll try to follow up with additional information through your usual channel, but am a little pressed for time tonight.)


Thanks. Have not been able to open a ticket via the app for a couple of
months (server errors per the message) and now I suppose my phone warranty
has expired. I sent 5 emails to the Help Desk and did not receive a reply.

I appreciate your looking into the billing error. Sandra


Did you send emails to Most of the time when someone says they emailed us and had no response, it is caused by replying to old tickets or to marketing emails. Those do not work to open tickets we need either an email to help@ or a ticket created by logging into your portal.


Hi @seanr,

The tickets she’s referring to are there. There are replies, but without access to our ticket system, she couldn’t access them. I’m taking care of both the billing and the ticket-access situation.


Hi. Yes. I checked and all emails went to that address. Any other
ideas? Thank you.


Southpaw said she saw all of your tickets and that we were replying but for some reason you never saw our replies. Our replies show they where sent to your email. We need to get your portal login issue fixed since that makes fixing any other issue very hard.


Hi @sandraf.vdqz50,

Are you able to log in and view this ticket ?


Hi. Definitely did not receive any replies and double checked junk mail.
Have a good day. Sandrs


Hi @sandraf.vdqz50,

I’m not sure whether you were able to log in and view your ticket at Ticket Details | Republic Wireless ? Our billing team has responded, but tickets do close out after a period of time if there is no activity by the member.


They took care of the billing issue. As to my lousy phone (and the one
previously sent that wouldn’t even charge, then I was charged Shipping to
replace it), I give up and will move on from Republic Wireless as soon as
I can take the time to get a prepaid phone. I believe you are the one who
told me there was a glitch in the app that prevented me from submitting
issues. Then I tried the email route that didn’t work either. And now you
tell me the old tickets were addressed but I know longer have access to
them? Seriously?

What a waste of time. You likely have no control of the issue, so no
offense intended. I just regret referring anybody to RW and will make
Clark Howard’s staff aware as well since his is the reco I took.

Have a good day. Keeping my fingers crossed that something good will
happen to both of us. :grin: Sandra [last name redacted]


Hi @sandraf.vdqz50,

I didn’t tell you there’s a glitch in the app. I found something in the database that needed to be corrected, and I believe you should now be able to access tickets from the phone.

If you can’t see the past ticket, I would be glad to help with that, but would need to do so privately, rather than in our public forum.

I don’t understand what about “the email route” didn’t work, as a ticket was created and replied to, so you were able to create the ticket, and should be able to view it at the link I have twice provided.

I’ll be glad to work with you on the previous situation, if you’d like me to review it and see what I can do. Again, as I’m not able to discuss account specifics in a public forum, I’d need to do that with you privately.

I’m very discouraged to read that you’ve felt your time has been wasted here. While I don’t “control” anything about what may have caused you to feel that way, I do everything I possibly can to help people, and I’m sorry to see I haven’t been able to help you. My co-workers have also been involved to correct your billing issue and will also be disappointed to read that we have still not been able to meet your expectations.

I wish you the best of luck with your new carrier.


I truly wish my bill had only gone up $5. My bill has literally doubled but my usage is the same as always… all this because I desired to have a phone that actually worked. Sounds like a fair deal… Right!!!