My calendar deletes all daily entries upon entering WiFi

My calendar deletes all daily entries upon entering WiFi. Enter 30 thing on T-mobile, during work, come home, it syncs and deletes any entry entered on T-mobile.

  1. Where is the Google archive, rather than delete function? Why do emails get archival privileges but not essential calendar? Is there a work around app? I want to see 10 years ago what I was doing without old entries being in my calendar. Also, essential for the ever ubiquitous Google sync screw up me, wife, family, clients, all report happening.

  2. How to fix?

I have tried phone reboots, checking free memory, checking connected apps, net guard tower privileges.

I’ve never seen this problem, but perhaps review Fix sync problems with the Google Calendar app - Calendar Help to see if anything there is applicable. In addition, you may have some luck searching or asking a question in the Google Calendar Help Forum.

Testing using Google Calendar and business calendar. Over T-mobile G4, any event entered gets deleted when going to WiFi. On sprint moto e, works as expected, except still broken as it is on your device and deletes, rather than archives.

Calendar storage working. Combed through all settings and troubleshooting pages-nothing there that helps.

Not an uncommon thing, as happens to wife and many clients. The phase, oops, “Google Calendar deleted my event” , is a common business phrase. If archive were available, as in early Sharp Electronic organizers, this could never ever happen. Sync that permanently, irrevocably, forever and anon, deletion of days of my life planning, is a global disaster - - erasure of the record of billions of lives.

Got to be one calendar app on playstore or off, where it archives, hourly, our calendar. If not, can we write one in Tasker? Or some knowledgeable in Droid language?

Nothing is fixing it, tried everything, posted everywhere. No response. Uninstalled calendar and data, no data firewall.

It is time to find a replacement for Google contacts and calendar. Got 3 gig free, but likely the issue. Everything syncs fine on T-mobile except contacts and calendar. The lack of archiving is stomach turning.

Any replacement suggestions?

I have no replacement suggestions. I’m sure someone else will post if they do. I use Google Calendar for everything (home, business, organizations I volunteer for) without issue. There are some suggestions at

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