My cell data usage keeps running out. How can I tell what is using it all up?

I keep getting notices that my cell data usage is running out. I have already upgraded. When I get the notice that I have 25% left and then within a very short time an hour or so I have almost nothing left. How can I tell what is draining it?

Settings, Data Usage:

either open the Republic app and go to the cell data page (the cell bar icon in the top row of the app)

or open Setting --> data usage page and scroll down

both these should report what apps are using cell data

Thank you. It looks like I have run out of cell data usage and if I upgrade it will not take effect until next month.

I notice a lot of apps I don’t use. How can I delete them?

you haven’t stated which phone or plan you have but all Republic plans have options (except the beta plan)

1.0 can switch plans twice a month

2.0 can add a 1 time only data (and then sign up for a change auto fill data plan on next plan cycle if wish)

3.0 can switch up to the next tier but downgrades take place on the billing cycle (after switch up it’s recomend to switch back to the tier they normally uses

installed apps may be removed though either the Google play store or in Settings/Apps/All/“the app being removed

preinstalled apps may have updates uninstalled then disable Settings/Apps/All/“the app being disabled

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