My Choice + 1 GB buy back unused minutes?


hello - (sorry if this was already covered in a newsletter)

recently we purchased two new phones and stopped using the old ones. the new phones are both on the “My Choice + 1 GB” plan.

as i recall, the old phones were on a plan were RW would “buy back” the unused bandwidth, and i would receive a rebate for unused minutes at the end of each billing cycle.

does this plan still exist? i used to really enjoy getting a rebate-credit toward my next RW bill. it was something of a point of honor with me to maximize the rebate amount.

i know $20 a month is not much, but I still enjoy getting the rebates back.

thank you all.



The My Choice plan does not include the refund of unused data but the cost of data is only $5/GB compared to $15/GB for the Refund plan.

The plan still exists for the old phones…all new phones work on the My Choice plans. See here for more details


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