My Choice: Designed with Flexibility in Mind


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Before I started working at Republic, I, like many of you, was on an unlimited data plan with one of the big carriers. I enjoyed the peace of mind that unlimited data gave me from month to month. I knew that during high-data seasons, like summertime and periods with lots of travel, I would be covered and wouldn’t be facing surprise overage charges or extra data fees. But I also found it really frustrating to be on an unlimited plan—for probably nine or ten months out of the year, when I wasn’t out and about as much or when I…


I think that is a great feature.

One question though, since I am the account owner and have multiple other phones on the account, how would one of those other phones be able to get the data added since they do not know my login and password (and I don’t really want to share it with them either).


Nice feature, but it mostly made me think about the one time that I needed to get some more data unexpectedly. I wasn’t in a position where “logging in securely” with my non-trivial password was an option. I mostly just felt stuck (and somewhat panicked.) It turned out that I didn’t need the data, but ever since I’ve been looking for a better way. It would be nice if I at least had the option to automatically add data as needed. Or something. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but My Choice is by no means a panacea.


Something like an optional preauthorization to add $5 worth might work for automatically adding data. It could also work well for those with multiple phones on their account as @roberth.46b92g.



@jahli_grene Sorry to hear that! Totally understand not wanting to enter a long (and therefore more secure!) password on your phone. I’m excited to share that in the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out a change that lets members stay logged in for data purchases so they don’t have to log in each time they need to purchase data. I hope this will be helpful for you in the future!


@roberth.46b92g That’s a great question - we know this can be frustrating for a lot of members, and we are working to make purchases on multi line accounts easier. In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding the ability to purchase data for other lines on your account from the portal. Eventually, we want to give account owners the ability to authorize other users on their account to purchase data without needing to use the account owner’s login information (this would be optional, and up to the account owner, of course). Stay tuned, and thank you for providing your feedback here!

RW really needs a family plan?

How about the option to set auto add 1GB data when u run out…so that u don’t have to take the time and effort to do it manually.

Edit: After-all, your plan is already on AutoPay.
I much prefer to set things to auto, so I dont have to worry about it.
I forgot, never got email reminder, to pay a credit card for a while…and it hurt my credit rating for 5 yrs.
In-fact, it seems all carriers are requiring this AutoPay for the current plans. My grandparents want none of that. They won’t pay a bill or even consider it valid unless they get it physically in the mail, and then pay by check.


Not Mint Mobile and one of their few benefits versus RW.


In essance, u kinda are with them…as u a pre-paying a large amount of time up front. Instead of just “auto-paying” each month.


Yes! I am one of the phones on our family account, but my husband is the “owner” of the account. When I ran out of data and we were out of town, we were unable to add more data from my phone. I think he eventually figured out how to do it, but it was complicated.


That makes no sense. Their entire model (for decent pricing) is paying 3 or 12 months in advance. You’re saying their model that offers no refunds and 3 to 12 months of payment in advance is an advantage over paying 1 month in advance with prorated refunds? Umm.


Having each phone on its own account would solve this, as then each user would be the owner for each account. You would just have to input the same payment method among them.
However, this certainly isn’t that convenient for husband and wife…let alone a family situation with having their kids or extended family on the same account to control spending etc.

I would like to see the option in the account portal to unlock or assign other users the ability to buy more one time data on their own, without having to log in as the owner. Perhaps even have selectable limiter option, so that the person cant go nuts or accidental buy to much data.


I love the Choice Plan but l hardly use up my data in some months, however I run out in some other months. Is there a way to carry over unused data so you can use them when needed instead of loosing them each time they are unused.


Hi @stellao,

There is no rollover of unused cell data with My Choice. I suggest the best approach is purchase of the minimum amount of cell data you’re likely to use on a recurring basis. For those months where more is required, it may be added on the fly as described by Republic here: How to Add Data to Your My Choice (4.0) Plan – Republic Help.


If given the choice, I would much prefer to be on the refund plan. You could simply set you account up for the most you were willing to pay for data in a month and receive a refund for anything not used. There was also an option to add data on that plan if it became necessary.


I, too, liked the refund plans because I’m for the most part around WiFi and use little cell data. That said, the reality is the break even point for My Choice as opposed to Republic’s refund plans is 0.667 GB of cell data used. For anyone using more than this, My Choice saves them money. This is due to the baseline cost of cell data being $5/GB on My Choice and $15/GB on Republic’s refund plans.


Alternately, if you could use 3g data once your purchased high speed data was expended, that would make the current plan more palatable. I just can not purchase another GB of data when I am already nearing the end of my billing cycle. That seems so wasteful. Kind of like ordering another meal because you wanted one more byte.


Hardly the same thing as there is actual waste there (wasted food). From a cost perspective one need only use 1/3 of the data they purchased in order to pay the safe effective price they would have paid on the Refund Plan. The incremental cost being only $5 one can make the decision as to whether the convenience or need is worth $5.


I’m still on the 1.0 Plan with just talk and text, no data. I started out with the Moto E 1st Gen, then moved to the Moto G3, my current phone. Since I am stuck with Google 5.1 which is not secure enough, I am finally considering an upgrade.
A Plan feature I would most appreciate would be an option to allow automatic purchases of more data, maybe with an option to specify a data cap for those that still want a financial safety net. Manually having to adjust the data plan is not something I want to do. If I use more, I pay more. If I use less, I pay less. My monthly bill is all I need to keep track of my usage. Since RW already tracks data usage, this should be extremely easy to implement. If I use less, charge less. If I use more, charge me for another GB, etc.
As I said before, I don’t currently have a data plan. When I do get a new phone, I will probably get data also. However I will most often not use any at all, but I am planning some road trips in the future, and being able to use Yelp, Maps, and streaming music would be very nice for those occasions.


At the moment, the only provider that would offer something like this is Project Fi. As their model is charge per MB used, so your bill is dynamic with no way to set any kind of hard cap. (Even if u go over your plan amount, it still charges u the same per usage as if u didn’t have the cap set.) i don’t like the idea of not knowing what my bill will be each month.

I much prefer R.W.'s fixed pricing structure as a good way to know what ur bill will be and to keep control over it, especially for additional lines on the account u are responsible for. It does have the con of having to manually add data as needed though, but that was the primary design point of the My Choice Plan, it would seem.

I have said it before on these forums, I to would like to seen such an option to enable dynamic range, or auto add data the $5 data…however, I don’t think they will do that as that model is too similar to the past refund plan that thus has a higher data cost. (That is another whole discussion about “breakage” etc…) Not to mention, its opening the door to folks who misunderstand or accidentally set such an option and get upset when their bill is high.