My Choice members: Manage data for all your phones from the online Account Portal

:tada: Republic Wireless is pleased to announce that account management is now easier than ever for phones on My Choice plans.

Account owners will no longer need the individual phone in hand to add data or change that phone’s plan size. We’ve simplified the process by making data management tools available in the Account Portal. Starting today, when the Account owner logs to the account portal, all My Choice phones will include a “Manage my data” option in the “I want to” menu.

:heavy_check_mark: Purchase one-time data
:heavy_check_mark: Upgrade a plan to have more recurring data
:heavy_check_mark: Downgrade a plan to reduce the amount of recurring data
:heavy_check_mark: See how much data each unassigned* My Choice phone on your account has available

You now have access to the tools you need to easily manage data for the My Choice members on your account.

If you’re like me, you manage an account for a far-flung family. Children away at college, parents in another town, even a spouse on a business trip may need additional data. Where are your My Choice account members? Reply to let us know how these new data management tools will make it easier for you to keep your account members’ plans sized to meet their needs, and we might surprise you with a Republic Wireless T-shirt!

* For more information about assigned and un-assigned phones, or account owners and account users, please see this help article.


Thanks for continuing to add features that help us out. This includes being able to manage my account on the phone, website, help with blocking spam calls. This service just keeps getting better all the time along with keeping the price affordable.


Oh! My Goodness!
I have wanted this forever. I live in Florida amd my mom lives in Texas and now I can add data to my mom’s phone.
Thank you, Republic.



This is the most awesomest! Thank you thank you!
All I can say us why didnt we have this from the beginning? I should add that I manage 4 phones. One for my son who is away at college, one for my wife who commutes long distance daily, one for my daughter in high school and my phone. I have been looking for this function for at least 2 yrs.


This is something, I’ve always missed and wanted. Leave it to Republic Wireless to deliver. Like most, I oversee my family’s plan. My son went on a trip last month. To be sure he didn’t run out of data, I had to add data “just in case”. Now with account management I can wait and and data when it’s actually needed.


This is awesome! I’m the one that manages all the family plans, including parents who live out of state. This will make things much easier, especially for my dad’s phone. Thank you Republic Wireless!


Outstanding! Inevitably my wife is traveling when she runs out of data, Iand in the past I have needed to provide remote support to get he logged in to add more data, this is great!


Keeps getting better!:+1:


image and so are the folks at Republic Wireless!


+1 this is great news! I’ve had to add data to another phone on my account a number of times, including a few when I was not in the same city as the phone. Being able to do this remotely via the account portal is a huge upgrade over having to contact support to do the same!


Option not available with Republic Wireless Refund Plans! :imp:

Excellent !!

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