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I just switched from the refund plan to my choice with the minimum data. I’ve already used loads of data even though I’ve only been at work & home and signed onto wifi there. I am not used to paying for data and am considering switching to the no data plan.
I want to be sure that I’ll still have unlimited talk and text AND that my texts won’t be delayed by HOURS as they have been since I switched.
Will I have access to internet through free wifi if I have no data plan?
Will I have access to timely transmission of texts if I have no data plan?


Hi @joanp.irvv8p and welcome to the Community!

Cell data on one’s plan is not required for talk or text messaging. That said, cell data or lack thereof on one’s plan wouldn’t explain delays in receiving text messages. Are these delays occurring on WiFi? Cell? Both? Which phone (brand, model and generation) and what text messaging app are you using?

Yes, anywhere it’s available to you.

The absence or presence of cell data is not the source of any problem.


thank you; I’ve added the answers to the thread below in purple

brand new moto g fast
Republic Anywhere

Hi @joanp.irvv8p,

Thanks for bringing your question to our Member Community and working with @rolandh to troubleshoot text messaging delivery delays.

I’d like to clarify that although you are reading Roland’s replies by e-mail, and can answer with a simple e-mail reply, the conversation is taking place in the Community topic you began at My choice NO data.

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Hi @joanp.irvv8p,

Are you using Anywhere on both the phone and another device such as a computer? If so, are text messages delayed on the other device as well as your Moto G Fast? Would you please verify some settings for us as described here:

Though purchased cell data is not required for text messaging, Republic’s service does need the toggles referenced in the article turned on.

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