My Choice subscribers: How To Permanently Save Voicemail :voicemail:

In the past saving Voicemail messages required a separate recording device. Now it’s easier.

I tried this method on Pixel 3 XL Android 9, Republic Wireless App

Open Phone Icon :telephone_receiver: and tap on :voicemail: Voicemail (Lower right corner). All the numbers showing are SPAM numbers:

Next give one of your messages a quick press. You should see a few options. 1. Listen to the Voicemail, 2. Voice Call, 3. Block or Unblock, 4. Send To, (phones with SD cards may have Send to SD card as an option), Tap on Send To:

I chose to text it to myself. You can also choose to send it via email and many more options depending on what apps your have. Once you send your Voicemail to your self, you now have a saved copy that you can store anywhere you like.

Another way to access all your Visual Voicemails is to use a file manager app or the built in file manager that comes with the phone.

Android File app will open to Recent.
Tap on :menu:
Tap on :rw_3: Republic
Tap on Voicemails
There are all your Voicemails.
Tap on one and it will play for you
You’ll see in the upper right the Drive Icon
Tap on :dots: next to Drive Icon
You’ll see - Open with…, Download and Send file…
Or you can tap on the Drive Icon and upload it.

Now you can save your :voicemail: Voicemail however you choose.

For more options on saving Visual Voicemail, please see:

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