My choice talk & text plan but we don't buy data, but not able to send/receive texts unless on WIFI

My daughter has a new to her RW phone with the plan as pasted below. I don’t have any data for her as we have wifi everywhere and I want to closely monitor her phone useage.
So the problem is this. if she’s on wifi she sends and receives texts messages easily as expected. When away from home and not on wifi and without any data her text messages are always “sending” and she doesn’t receive texts until she’s back on wifi. Surely she doesn’t need wifi or a data plan to send text messages right? Any help or advice?

Moto X⁴ (32GB)

My Plan
My Choice Talk & Text

My Data
0 GB left

First thing that you need to do, is ensure that both Mobile Data &
Roaming are enabled. (no worries, they don’t charge you for this but it is necessary for use in setting up calls and texting)
See How to Enable Cellular Data and Data Roaming on Huawei, Google and Motorola Phones – Republic Help for step by step instructions

Make sure RCS chat features are disabled:

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