My Choice vs. 5.0 Everything you Need plan

Hi everyone.

Do I have this right?

I am currently on the $15+ $5 (1gb) plan and I pay annually so I get 2 months free.
New plan is now $20 + $5 (1gb) plan. So this new plan will cost me $5 more? With no annual payment plan with 2 months free, I’ll be paying more. Do I have this right?

My parents too have a plan with no data so they each pay $15 + $0 (no data) plan. If they switch they would pay $20 + $0 (no data) plan but they can combine their 2 lines and pay $30 which is the same cost at 0 data? They also pay annually so for them it would be more beneficial to just stay on the current plan and make no changes to get the 2 months free.

Do I have this right?


@ytakahara Correct; it would be a wash for your parents (edited to add: in terms of price).

However, if there are features with the new plans that are important to them (e.g., if the coverage is better, edited to add: or, they want the included cell data), then they still might want to consider switching.

For you, the new plan would be $240 ($20 x 12) for one line vs. the $200 you pay now for the annual plan (plus taxes/fees for both).

Thank you Andreas.

So no annual payment plan? Sad to pay $40 more but needing a new phone and VOIP issue, I will switch. I already have an unlocked Pixel 5a with 5g phone, is there any reason I should wait for this “easy” button or can I just go for it and make the switch?

You are right about my parents, I guess they won’t make any changes and keep the same plan. Thank you for your help.

@ytakahara If you have a GSM SIM card in your current phone, you can move it to the new phone and stay on your current plan for now.

Have you checked that? Open the Republic app > tap the “gear” icon at the top > tap “About” > What does it say under “SIM Type” underneath your phone number?


If you see GSM, then the SIM card can be moved to another compatible unlocked phone; if CDMA, then you will have to change plans if you change phones.

(This assumes that you can use a workaround to use the 5a since it’s not on the compatibility list.)

I have cdma.

Did I miss something? I thought I saw Google 5a on the compatibility list for the 5.0 plan.

@ytakahara You did not miss a thing. :slight_smile: It is on the list for the 5a plan, but not the My Choice plan (you might still be able to use it on the My Choice plan with an already activated GSM SIM card, but that’s moot since your SIM is CDMA).

With a CDMA SIM card, you will need to move to the new plans anyway with a new phone.

Ok good! Pheww. I will be switching to 5.0. voip issue is a big issue for me dealing with apps etc. I will wait for the easier switch over. I can be patient for a little bit longer. Thanks Andreas. (cute pup).

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No the $20 plan hasn’t changed price. You’re paying $15 + $5/gb for $20 for 1GB. The new $20 includes the 1GB. There is no annual plan but instead there is 50% off the second line should you need to add one.

No, for $30 they would get 2 lines, each with 1GB of data. So their cost stays the same but they now get 1GB of data each.

That depends. Is the $60/yr of savings more important or is having 1GB a month each more important?

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Yes, you have this right. There is no longer a discount for an annual plan, so the new plan does cost you more.

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Hi @ytakahara,

I’ve seen multiple different answers to your questions and I want to follow up and make sure you have the whole picture in one complete answer. I’m also moving your questions to a separate topic to make it easier to follow what’s being said in reply to you.

The new plan for Talk, Text, and 1GB of data will cost the same for one line of service as it does on My Choice. $20 plus taxes and fees. The extra $5 per GB would be for any additional data you purchase.

There is currently no annual payment option for the new plans, but it’s such a popular concept that it’s not off the table. We’ll continue to improve and look for ways to add value. I think we’ll end up with another Annual Payment option, it’s just a matter of fitting the work in along with other things our members really want, like supporting additional phones, for example.

There’s not a no-data plan on the new plans, I’m afraid. They would be paying $20 for one line and $10 for the second line, but they’d each be getting 1 GB of data.

To use your Pixel 5a, you would have to move to the new plan, it sounds like you’ve understood that part and are content to wait.

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They don’t use data so $60 savings it is. :wink:. Also thanks for clarifying that the 1g is included in the plan!

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