My credit card provider says my phone number is not a valid mobile number for me


I am required to enter a valid mobile phone number to activate a feature of my credit card.
“Enter your mobile number so I can verify your identity and get you set up.”
When I enter my number I received this message

Looks like something didn’t match

I couldn’t confirm with your provider that this number belongs to you. Here are some possible reasons why:

  • The number isn’t registered to your name.
  • It’s not a U.S.-based number.
  • The billing address doesn’t match what your provider has on file.
  • The phone number is billed to someone else.
  • The phone number is a Google Voice number.

I spent over an hour with their help desk as the number is registered to me, I only have one billing address (for the last 11 years) and it is billed to me and it is not a google voice number. They said sorry, they can’t use this phone number.

Any suggestions on what I can do? This is a great program for sheltering my credit card from online theft and I’d really like to be able to take advantage of the program and still keep Republic Wireless as my carrier


The last time my credit card was compromised I knew immediately because I receive an email whenever it is used. When I hand my card to a waitress or waiter to pay my bill I invariably hear the email come in before the wait person gets back with my card.

So why fight them? Use their email feature.


I would prefer to avoid the problem rather than react to it if at all possible.


Do you have a Chase card? Their cards work fine for me.


Hi @egarcia3,

I’m making an educated guess the issue is Republic is a prepaid no-contract service provider. There would be no way for the referenced credit card issuer to verify bullet points one or three. Republic shares that information with no one.

Traditional postpaid service providers run a credit check prior to establishing a relationship, so the information would be verifiable via a credit bureau. If I’m right, I’m afraid there’s no workaround for this one.


@rolandh has the right answer. There is no way to use prepaid providers to verify identity as the prepaid providers don’t run credit checks or verify your SS#. This is true for all prepaid providers.


That makes sense - thank you for your insights


Thanks Billg - I’ll think about that


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