My Custom Ringtones no longer work (MOTO X 2nd GEN)

Since these recent updates (even though I don’t think I rec’d a RW app update), all the ringtones I had assigned to people no longer ring as assigned. When I go into settings, they are checked off though. Not the biggest deal. Any suggestions?


Some app inadvertently changed your settings. I would set them back to your liking and make a backup of the contacts and settings. This way they can be changed back easily. A 3rd party backup would be needed to do this.

SMS Backup & Restore - Android Apps on Google Play does dialer too

Contacts - Android Apps on Google Play

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Now today - as if out of the blue - my friend called me, and the personal ringtone I had assigned to him rang. So, I didn’t really do anything, and it seemed to fix itself. I’ll have to wait for additional people to call to see if their tones ring.

Can’t figure this out. They came back to life, and now don’t work again.

This might be caused by an app. Run a test in Safe Mode to find out.

Safe Mode

I could try that I guess. Your post pointed out that an anti virus program may be the culprit, and I do run Norton.

So, here’s what eventually worked. First, I removed my Norton, and, the ringtones didn’t work. So, I then removed an app called “Disable Increasing Ring”, and the ringtones now work. It is too bad that that app was recently updated. I liked that app because I don’t like the built in increasing ring on my MOTO X 2nd GEN… I tend not to “really like apps” too much.

Thanks for the update and glad it’s working again. I have my auto-update disabled to help prevent surprises.

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