My dad is getting my old phone. Should he use his old SIM card?

My dad wants my phone reset. If I leave my current SIM card in my phone, will it still have my data on it after the factory reset? If so, can he use his SIM card? He has a Moto X 1st edition. I have a Moto X Pure Edition.

The SIM in his Moto X (1st Gen) must stay with it even if sold or given away. The SIM in your Pure will not be change in any way by doing a factory reset.

Is there something else you are planning to do? I’m wondering why you are resetting your Pure.

All of my data is on my phone. He wants my phone. I am getting a new one. So how do I get all my data off of my phone? I know the SIM card can’t be changed. So should he get a new SIM card?

when you get your new phone you can transfer the SIM from the Moto X pure to the new phone, and if you ordered from Republic the SIM that comes with the New Phone can be put in the Moto X Pure and activated as an line replacement for your father*

*this assumes the new phone is assigned to the GSM Network (if not you will need that SIM for your new Phone and will need to order a SIM for your father )

How you proceed depends on where you are getting a new phone. If you are buying a new phone that works with Republic wireless you can move your SIM to that phone.

If you are buying a new phone with a different carrier and want to port your number to that carrier then that port will deactivate the SIM in your Pure. Your dad will need a new SIM for the deactivated Pure which he will then activate as a replacement for his Moto X (1st Gen). When he does this the number will transfer from his X to the Pure and the X will be deactivated.

If you tell us exactly what you are doing we can give you a better answer.

I am getting an Iphone 5s with Cellcom and deactivating my account with Republic. My dad is keeping his Republic plan, but wants to use my Moto X pure. So my understanding is that he needs to order a new SIM card and My current SIM card for my Moto X Pure will be deactivated as my account is. Is this correct?

Are you planning to port your number to Cellcom? If so, the port will deactivate the SIM in your PURE and yes, then your dad will need a new SIM. If your Pure is the only phone in your account the account will automatically close at the end of the billing cycle during which you ported the number.

If you plan to port your number DO NOT cancel service on the phone. The port will do that for you.

Reading between the lines I’m thinking you and your dad have your own, separate RW accounts. If that is not the case the account will remain active.

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